The HKIE Concert 2017 - The Sound of Engineers, Seventy Years & Beyond

As one of the signature events of this Session, the HKIE Concert 2017 (the Concert) was successfully held on 9 December 2017 at the Music Zone @ E-Max at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre.

Coinciding with the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the HKIE's predecessor, The Engineering Society of Hong Kong, the Concert was organised along the theme of "The Sound of Engineers, Seventy Years & Beyond (工程師好聲音)".

The Concert featured the performances of ten bands from Past Presidents, members of the HKIE Divisions, government departments and universities, engineers demonstrated their musical talent to the public while helping to promote a healthy work-life balance for members in a fun-filled occasion.

The Institution was delighted to have Mr Wong Wai-lun, JP, Secretary for Development of the HKSAR Government; Ir Dr The Hon Lo Wai-kwok, SBS, MH, JP, Representative of the Engineering Functional Constituency of the Legislative Council; Ir Thomas K C Chan, President of the HKIE; and Ir Dr Yuen Pak-leung, Vice President of the HKIE cum Chairman of the Organising Committee for the Concert 2017, to officiate at the Opening Ceremony.

This first-of-its-kind event received an enthusiastic response from the participants. In addition to the band performances, visitors could also enjoy other activities such as face painting, balloon twisting by a clown, as well as drinks, popcorn, cotton candy and the tailor-made concert souvenirs.

The bands were able to compete for five special prizes. The winners were as follows:

- 最佳創作大獎: Last Minute (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
- 最佳造型大獎: INVINCIBLE (Formed by Past Presidents of the HKIE)
- 最佳人氣大獎: Engineer Fantasy (The HKIE MI Division)
- 最受歡迎大獎: The Revival (Drainage Services Department)
- 網上最受歡迎大獎: Engineer Fantasy (The HKIE MI Division)

The Concert received tremendous support from members, the media, and the general public, and attracted almost 700 visiting traffic.

The Institution would like to express its thanks to the members of the Organising Committee, the participating bands, the sponsors and the volunteers for their great support and assistance in making the event a success and creating a wonderful weekend experience for everyone.

Photos of the Concert can be viewed and downloaded from the HKIE Photo Gallery at the HKIE website

Distinguished Lectures

Two Distinguished Lectures on the theme of "Climate Change and Engineering Solutions", were held at Wang Gungwu Theatre of The University of Hong Kong. Each was well attended by some 250 participants from the engineering community, academia and other professional sectors.

We were honoured to have two prominent speakers, Mr Shun Chi-ming, Director of the Hong Kong Observatory of the HKSAR Government, and Prof Norbert R Morgenstern, Distinguished University Professor (Emeritus) of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, at the University of Alberta, Canada, who shared their insights into global climate change and slope stability respectively.

Global Climate Change and Its Implications to Hong Kong
The first Lecture took place on 9 December 2017. Mr Shun discussed "Global Climate Change and Its Implications to Hong Kong". He reviewed the latest situation in global climate change and discussed some of the adverse effects on Hong Kong. After that, he called on all stakeholders in society, including engineers, to work together to combat the impact of climate change.

The Evaluation of Slope Stability: A Further 25 Year Perspective
In the second lecture held on 12 December 2017, Prof Morgenstern presented "The Evaluation of Slope Stability: A Further 25 Year Perspective". He provided an in-depth evaluation of slope stability based on his personal learnings, experience and relevant case histories, and also highlighted the evolving trends in geotechnical practice under three sub-headings of "Analysis and Design", "Mobility and Risk" and "Professional Practice".

The Institution would like to express its sincere gratitude to the speakers, members of the Organising Committee and the sponsors for making the Lectures a success and such a rewarding experience for the participants.

Members may view video clips of the two Lectures at

Assessor Forum

The Assessor Forums of Professional Assessment were held on 18 November 2017 from 9:30am to 10:45am and 11:15am to 12:30pm at the HKIE Headquarters. The two Forums attracted an overwhelming support from the Assessors with a total of 219 attendees. The Forums were chaired by Ir Colin C L Chung, Chairman of Professional Assessment Committee.

Ir Dr George L W Sze, Chairman of Quality Control Committee, was invited as the keynote speaker on issues in regard the completion of Professional Assessment result sheets. The Forum brought to the Assessors updated information on the following topics:

- Routes to membership;
- Professional Assessment procedures for the class of Member;
- Highlights of Professional Assessment procedures for mature candidates;
- Criteria for selection and assignment of Assessors;
- Review of membership application statistics;
- Qualifying requirements and assessment procedures for the class of Associate Member;
- Issues on the completion of Professional Assessment results by the Assessors; and
- The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

Members shared their views and experience during the question-and-answer session on the following issues:

- The Professional Assessment procedure;
- Quality control of the Professional Assessment;
- Appeal procedures;
- Requirement of submission for candidates;
- The grading system of the Professional Assessment; and
- Completion of the assessment form and reference.

Cohesion and achievement from the paddlers
By Ir Albert HO

The HKIE Dragon Boat Team was first established in 2014 to capture and promote the engineer's spirit. The team was rebuilt last year and 2017 has been fruitful one.

The team strives to balance commitment to our careers, with team work and contributing to the community. The Dragon Boat Team allows our engineers to become much more rounded as individuals, as we spend time training, enjoying healthy exercise, promoting a good work-life balance and meeting diverse groups of people during training and competitions.

We have now recruited more than 60 members, and our first HKIE Phoenix Team was also formed. We joined eight events and won three championship titles. The team performed astonishingly well in the competitions, and certainly demonstrated who we represented and showed the true engineering spirit that lies in every member's heart. From novices to full team members, we are well on our way to gaining more titles and championships.

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