The HKIE Council Members for Session 2020/2021

A group photo of the Council Members for Session 2020/2021 was taken at their second meeting on Thursday, 17 September 2020.

1st row (L to R): Mrs Monica Yuen, Ir James Chiu, Ir Prof Chan Ching-chuen, Ir Prof Lau Ching-kwong, Ir Dr The Hon Lo Wai-kwok, Ir Chan Chi-chiu, Ir Aaron Bok, Ir Edwin Chung, Ir Prof P L Yuen, Ir Ringo Yu, Ir Dr Barry Lee, Ir Prof Thomas Chan,
Ir Raymond Chan, Ir Peter Y Wong, Ir Dr Greg Wong, Ir Dr John Luk, Ir Edmund Leung and Ir Hon Chi-keung


2nd row (L to R): Ir Ambrose Chen, Ir Eric Ma, Mr Daniel Yip, Ir Victor Lo, Ir Albert Cheng, Ir Leung Yiu-hong, Ir Bobby Ng,
Ir Liu Sing-pang, Ir Alice Chow, Ir Michelle Tang, Ir Jovian Cheung, Ir Eagle Mo, Ir Mandy Leung, Ir Kong Shui-sun, Ir Prof Adam Choy, Ir Mak Ka-wai, Ir Wilson Tsang, Ir Rupert Leung, Ir Francis Cheng, Ir Tang Whai-tak and Ir Rachel Ng

3rd row (L to R): Ir Clement Chung, Ir Ricky Lau, Ir Prof Eddie Lock, Ir Edmond Tse, Ir Leo Chan, Ir Ben Leung, Ir Ip Tat-yan,
Ir Prof Joseph Chi, Ir Dr Ritz Lau, Ir Chan Yiu-hon, Ir Prof Patrick Lee, Ir Prof Ken Ho, Ir Dr Tsang Kim-fung, Ir Edward Chan, Ir Simon Ngo and Ir Ian Chung

Note: Ir Chan Siu-hung, Ir Cheuk Kim-tang, Ir Prof Mark Hayman, Ir Prof Joseph Mak and Ir Prof Richard So were not available for the photo session.

Offering professional views to help ease concerns on public health

Engineering plays an important role in people’s daily lives, but at the same time, technical aspects of engineering make it difficult for the public to understand what engineers have done to make their lives better. The Institution is dedicated to providing professional views through the media to enhance public understanding of the engineering profession.


Due to the epidemic outbreak, public health becomes the priority to many. To assist society in preventing virus transmission, editorial members of the publication “香港工程師學會公眾安全系列指南:樓宇保養維修 – 供水及排水系統篇” have updated and enhanced the booklet originally published in 2013 by incorporating most of the relevant engineering concerns in public health in buildings. Various media have also approached the Institution seeking advice on ways to safeguard and improve public health by engineering means. As a learned society with experts of a broad range of disciplines, the Institution has responded to around 40 enquiries on public health issues since January. These included toilet piping designs and drainage systems in different kinds of housing estates, air-conditioning and ventilation systems in buildings and transportations, excessive levels of Legionella in cooling towers, to name but a few.


Challenges in public health can only be tackled with the collective effort of all stakeholders of the society. The Institution offered suggestions to the public in handling some of the public health issues as laymen, and also shared proposals and technical advice with industry practitioners. With the fluctuating figures of COVID-19 cases in sight, representatives of the Institution have been interviewed on their innovative suggestions on development of quarantine facilities and negative-pressure chambers. Relevant interviews were widely published and broadcast in both traditional and digital media, reaching different sectors in Hong Kong and other areas. As an experienced engineer in hospital engineering, President Ir Prof P L Yuen in particular has shared his insights and introduced to the public through the media an modular integrated construction of isolation facility with prototype fabricated by the concerted efforts and support from engineering experts of the industry.


The Institution hoped that the public could be better acquainted with engineering knowledge in understanding and dealing with public health issues.


Relevant news coverage





10 February 2020

Ta Kung Pao


11 February 2020

(Hong Kong Economic Times)

工程師學會圖解康美樓坐廁運作 排氣管密封亦會洩漏污染物

12 February 2020

Sing Tao Daily

廁所倘傳異味 須查喉管漏氣

12 February 2020

Hong Kong Economic Times

康美樓低層改坐廁 漏氣播毒

12 February 2020


疑公屋糞渠播毒 袁國勇:有臭味就好危險

14 February 2020


彩虹站冷卻塔退伍軍人桿菌濃度超標 工程師指保養不足

16 February 2020

Ming Pao

衛生號外:渠管播毒 咩樓最高危?

24 February 2020


有工程師指鑽石公主號爆發疫情 疑涉半中央空調系統

6 March 2020

Ming Pao

病徵輕微者亦可廣泛污染環境 空調抽風位沾毒

10 March 2020

Hong Kong Economic Journal


16 March 2020

East Week

喉管救兵 助基層抗疫

18 March 2020

Hong Kong Economic Times

衞署:亨泰樓天台 排氣喉或播毒

2 April 2020

Wen Wei Po

【抗擊新冠肺炎】有病無床 何處建「艙」?

2 April 2020

Lion Rock Daily

港版方艙醫院 亞博會展熱選

11 April 2020

Oriental Daily News

探射燈:天台及排氣管隨時引毒入屋 政府懶補漏洞

11 April 2020

Oriental Daily News

探射燈:亨泰樓中招 或涉擾流效應

19 April 2020

Ming Pao

未來城市:竹篙灣檢疫中心 3個月建造已算快?

3 May 2020

Ta Kung Pao


14 June 2020

Ming Pao

工程師建議 開抽氣扇留2.5厘米門縫 免渠氣倒流

5 August 2020


《創科導航》- 貨櫃負壓病房

21 August 2020


創新解難 工程戰「疫」 香港工程師學會會長源栢樑教授

28 August 2020



10 September 2020

Sing Tao Daily

專家倡食肆採「亞博式」濾氣 助達每小時換氣六次標準解通風困局

School Ambassadors Programme for Session 2020/2021

With the aim of establishing closer links with local schools by providing information and advice to students to give them a better understanding about the engineering profession, the Institution launched the HKIE School Ambassadors Programme (SAP) in 2003 to address the objective.

The Programme was extended to primary schools in the academic year 2019/2020. In view of the COVID-19 situation, an online platform for school talks is under development to continue the Institution’s efforts in promoting the engineering profession.


The Institution is gratified to have received great support from primary schools, secondary schools, universities and tertiary education institutions over the years.

The School Ambassadors (SAs) who are experienced engineers and young members of the Institution have been invited to share their invaluable experiences with students in an engaging and interesting way during the following series of school talks:


Primary school section
• What is an Engineer?

Secondary school section

• Get Ready to be an Engineer
• Engineering a Sustainable Hong Kong
• Hong Kong People Engineering Wonders
• Infrastructure for Economic Growth
• Meeting with the Outstanding Young Engineers University/tertiary education institution
• Professional Engineering Careers and Prospects


To help promote the engineering profession to a wider audience, the Institution started collaborating with The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups to deliver engineeringrelated and career talks in their “Workshops by Industry Professionals” and “Live Webinar - Engineer Sharing” in Session 2019/2020. An overwhelming response was received with over 1,100 secondary schools students attending.

Other than school talks, SAs also provide support at the Institution’s booth at the Education & Careers Expo every year to answer engineering-related enquiries on-site and promote the engineering profession to the public. A seminar is also organised each year at the Expo to offer career information and advice to the audience to enable them to chart their study and career path in engineering.

Members are cordially invited to join hands in supporting this initiative as SAs. More details can be found on the “Career as an Engineer” Corner on the HKIE website at Some tips on delivering school talks will be shared with SAs before they embark on this journey.

“The Engineer’s Vision” Photo Competition and “Engineering Our Future” Colouring Competition

The HKIE organised “The Engineer’s Vision” Photo Competition and “Engineering Our Future” Colouring Competition in Session 2019/2020 under the theme of “Knowledge Transfer • Our Commitment for the Future” as part of our long-term and ongoing efforts to promote the engineering profession.


The competitions received an overwhelming response from the public, students and HKIE members, and came to a successful conclusion in June 2020. To help showcase the importance of engineering in people’s daily lives, the value and contribution of engineering to the community and to promote the engineering profession as a whole, the winning entries of the competitions have been on display in a roving exhibition at different locations since July.


The last stop of the exhibition and the final wrap up of the event will take place at the Covered Piazza at Times Square Hong Kong from 12 - 18 October 2020.


“The Engineer’s Vision” Photo Competition

“The Engineer’s Vision” Photo Competition was divided into two categories: one for the Public and one for HKIE Members. The aim of the Competition was to showcase the presence of engineering work in people’s daily lives and engineering achievements as seen through the lenses of the participants.


The winning photos in both categories are presented below.


HKIE Member Category


Gold Award
Photographer: Mr TAM Chun Ho
Graduate Member
Location of photo taken: Mong Kok

“Long-awaited” 「期待已久」


Silver Award
Photographer: Mr FUNG Pak Hin
Graduate Member
Location of photo taken: Lamma Power Station Beach


“Sunset of Coal Power”「步向夕陽的煤電」
Coal-fired power generation has been the backbone of Hong Kong’s socio-economic development over the past decades. As part of Hong Kong power companies’ emission-reduction initiatives, coal would gradually be replaced by natural gas. The foreground of the picture shows the coal yard, feeders and coal-fired units at the Lamma Power Station.


Bronze Award
Photographer: Ir NG Siu Kee William
Corporate Member
Location of photo taken: Kai Tak Cruise Terminal


“The Elegant Roof Feature”
Looking down at the Kai Tak Rooftop Lawn area from the Flagpole Platform.



Public Category


Gold Award
Photographer: Mr CHEUNG Tik On Andy
Location of photo taken: Ping Yan Court HOS construction site

“A Mirror of the Sky in Construction Site”「建築地盤的天空之鏡」

Ponding rainwater on footing of the commercial centre formed a mirror image of the sky in the Ping Yan Court Home Ownership Scheme Project.


Silver Award
Photographer: Mr CHEUNG Sung Lok
Location of photo taken: Tin Shui Wai



Bronze Award
Photographer: Mr TAM Wai Man
Location of photo taken: West Kowloon Cultural District

“Build the Future”「建造未來」


“Engineering Our Future” Colouring Competition


The “Engineering Our Future” Colouring Competition was divided into two categories: Junior Category (Primary 1 to 3 students) and Senior Category (Primary 4 to 6 students). The Competition provided a platform for primary school students to innovate and draw a smart city. The Competition aimed to foster an awareness of engineering and understanding of the smart city concept among the younger generation.


Junior Category (Primary 1 to 3 students)


Champion and Best Design Award
WONG Ching Long (P2)
Salesian Yip Hon Millennium Primary School


1st Runner-up
LAM Chin Yuet (P1)
Hong Kong Southern District Government Primary School


2nd Runner-up
Gaius HO (P2)
Baptist Rainbow Primary School


Senior Category (Primary 4 to 6 students)


Champion and Best Design Award
AU-YEUNG Jayden (P4)
Hennessy Road Government Primary School (Causeway Bay)


1st Runner-up
NG Yee Suen (P5)
St Francis of Assisi’s English Primary School


2nd Runner-up
WONG Chun Hei (P5)
Hong Kong and Macau Lutheran Church Primary School

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