Gathering with media friends

In order to build stronger bonding with the media, the Institution held a media gathering on 25 October 2021. President, Officers, members of the Executive, Chairman of the Public Services Committee and President’s Protégés took this opportunity to meet and share their views on different hot topics related to the engineering sector. We are delighted that journalists from over ten mainstream media outlets came to the luncheon even though we have still been observing the social-distancing regulations.

President Ir Edwin K F Chung introduced to friends of the media his presidential theme “The HKIE - Time to Change” and explained the Institution’s roadmap for actualising changes. “Making changes is a long journey and I am grateful to be backed by the Past Presidents and Officers to make the five-year roadmap achievable.” He added that visits to different organisations had been made to gather more specific thoughts from key stakeholders of the engineering industry.

Participants actively exchanged their observations and views on the current development and trend of the engineering sector. The Institution will continue to work closely with the media to foster effective and efficient communication for sharing our professional engineering knowledge with the public on affairs that they may have concerns. The President also gave the gist of the multitude and distinctiveness of the 21 engineering disciplines and invited the media to explore the fascinating stories behind them, in the hope of uplifting the professional image of Hong Kong engineers.








“What Do Engineers Do?” video series

Being at the forefront of promoting the engineering profession and its contribution to society, the HKIE constantly strives to encourage school students to consider engineering as their study and career option and raise the standing of engineers for the sustainable development of the profession.

The Institution launched the “What Do Engineers Do?” video series in November 2021. Thanks to the support of various engineering organisations, government departments, public utilities, consultants and contractors, young engineers are invited to share their stories with the public and especially students who are exploring their study and career fields of interest. These young members of the Institution come from a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines, and they discuss why they have chosen this career, what their scope of work includes, the qualities required, and what has been lifting their spirits up in this profession. Through the context of various prominent projects, they will talk about how engineers and engineering contribute to the advancement of our daily lives and shape today’s and future’s world.


Videos are posted every week in the HKIE YouTube Channel and on Facebook and Instagram page.

To kick off the video campaign, two teasers and a making-of video were produced featuring our President, Ir Edwin K F Chung introducing the campaign and its aims. Videos have been uploaded to our social media platforms since late November.

In the videos, young engineers such as Ir Samantha Kong tell us how they entered the engineering profession and also their unforgettable experience in the projects they worked in.


Video highlight


Contributor Engineering disciplines
  • Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited
  • Environmental engineering
  • Binnies Hong Kong Limited
  • Civil engineering


The HKIE will continue to create new opportunities to inspire the future generation, empower students to make informed decisions and plan their study ahead to suit their pursuit of an engineering career.

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