The Dragon & The Beaver

Over the past month, the whole society has been overjoyed at the resounding success of the Hong Kong teams in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Together, we witnessed touching moments of sportsmanship, perseverance and skills which were captured better than ever with the assistance of cutting-edge technologies. Novelties like overlay visualisations in track events using artificial intelligence, contactless heart rate monitoring of archers, and robotic devices facilitating 360-degree camera shooting, redefined truly immersive experiences for spectators and also certainly improved the performance of the athletes. The Games were a great example of the benefits of engineering and enjoyed by all. While technological advancements have been accelerating particularly in this part of the world, keep moving along the trend is the only way to ensure that Hong Kong will not be lagging behind. By the same token, the Institution must also keep evolving so that the profession will remain truly relevant to the development of the society and the world as a whole.


Talking about change, we have received good response to the HKIE “Time to Change Survey” from over 1,300 members across all seven membership classes and evenly distributed across all age groups. The survey results have given us valuable insights into our members’ priorities for the changes we are planning. Specifically, we hear 44% of the respondents perceiving the Institution’s current image as traditional, conservative and old-fashioned, and 30% considered that there were insufficient opportunities for giving feedback to the Institution. Furthermore, 12% of the respondents had even considered leaving or suspending their HKIE membership1. This is a loud and clear message calling for change.


To facilitate a more interactive exchange of views, we organised the HKIE Time to Change Strategy Day 2021 on 14 August 2021 during which 40 experienced and young members from various disciplines and sectors discussed and contributed ideas for the Institution’s transformation roadmap. Participants were given time to present their suggestions and opinions, and eventually vote for or against the recommendations and strategies raised. More on this Strategy Day is reported in this issue on pages 31 and 32. In keeping up the momentum, the President is going to meet industry leaders from the Government, local tertiary institutions, public corporations and others so as to strengthen the bonds and also gather their feedback on the Institution’s upcoming initiatives.


In the “Time to Change Survey”, members told us that boosting professionalism was the most important element amongst the five major foci identified for change. As a move along this direction, we are collaborating with various local engineering corporations to organise a new video campaign “What Do Engineers Do?”. In these videos, we aim to showcase how engineers shape lives and the city; highlight engineers’ professionalism and pursuit of excellence; and publicise the diversity of engineering disciplines and their respective contributions to the community. We target to launch the campaign in October to provide a continuous flow of good stories on our website, social media platforms and to schools.


To help sowing the seeds of professionalism, the HKIE Young Engineers Arthur & Louise May Memorial Scholarship which aims to encourage and support our young engineers to further their professional development will soon open for a new round of application. Please stay tuned for more details.


1 The detailed results of the “Time to Change Survey” will be published in the next issue.

2021 Shanghai and Hong Kong Symposium on Science and Technology (2021滬港科技合作研討會)

The Shanghai and Hong Kong Symposium on Science and Technology will be held on 21 October 2021 under the theme of “新技術‧新業態‧新發展”. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Symposium will be conducted in hybrid mode. Mr Tony C K WONG, Deputy Government Chief Information Officer will be one of the keynote speakers.


The Symposium is co-organised by the HKIE, the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology and the People’s Government of the Qingpu District of the Shanghai Municipality. The Symposium aims to foster the exchange of technical knowledge and information between Shanghai and Hong Kong. Members are welcome to visit the Symposium website at for details.

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