Chairman’s message

It is again my greatest honour and pleasure to be elected as the Chairman of the AC Division. I would like to express my sincere gratitude not only to the Committee Members of the Session 2020/2021 but also to each and every one of you within the AC Division for your tolerance, support and patience in the past year.

It was certainly a difficult period in 2020/2021 as the situation within the aviation sector shows very little sign of improvement. There was time that we thought that the pandemic was well under control and we could be back to normal life very soon with all the division's planned activities resuming. Unfortunately, it was not the case. Scheduled/ planned technical visits, lectures and events were seriously affected within our Division as a result of social distancing rules and travel restrictions and were forced to a very minimum. Members' feedback and view are well received on the inadequacy of Division's activities and the Committee and I reflected and reviewed the situations. We will devote our effort, make changes and try our utmost, to seek various channels and support from industry leaders, educational institutes as well as government departments to address members' various needs and aspirations for activities.

Major industry organisations are all striving and fighting this unprecedented situation. As engineering professionals, I can see everyone of you showing your resilience, strength and adaption to overcome all the odds. While we are facing challenges and with difficult decisions, let's not forget the young engineers and young talents, please provide your guidance, advices and encouragement to them, providing them with necessary support and training towards their professional recognition as we had enjoyed from our predecessors.

Finally, thank you very much for all your support for the AC Division.

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