The HKIE Council Members for Session 2021/2022

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A group photo of the Council Members for Session 2021/2022 was taken at their first meeting on Thursday, 22 July 2021.

1st row (L to R): Ir Hon Chi-keung, Ir Edmund Leung, Ir Dr John Luk, Ir Dr Greg Wong, Ir Prof Choy Kin-kuen, Ir Chan Chi-chiu, Ir Eric Ma, Ir Aaron Bok, Ir Edwin Chung, Ir Prof P L Yuen, Ir Dr Barry Lee, Ir Ringo Yu, Ir Raymond Chan, Ir Dr The Hon Lo Wai-kwok, Ir Prof Lau Ching-kwong, Ir Dr Otto Poon, Ir James Chiu and Ir Dr Raymond Ho


2nd row (L to R): Mr Daniel Yip, Ir Ambrose Chen, Ir Liu Sing-pang, Ir Victor Lo, Ir Leung Yiu-hong, Ir Bobby Ng, Ir Albert Cheng, Ir Kelvin Tang, Ir Alice Chow, Ir Dorothy Chan, Ir Eagle Mo, Ir Kenneth Cheung, Ir Mak Ka-wai, Ir Francis Cheng, Ir Rupert Leung, Ir Alexis Lee, Ir Tang Whai-tak and Ir Ken Wong

3rd row (L to R): Ir Prof Richard So, Ir Leung Chun-sing, Ir Dennis Hui, Ir Norman Cheng, Ir Thomas Chung, Ir Chan Yiu-hon, Ir Ben Leung, Ir Prof Joseph Chi, Ir Cheuk Kim-tang, Ir Tam Chun-kit, Ir Dr Eric Liu, Ir Dr Tsang Kim-fung, Ir Chris Lee, Ir Edward Chan and Ir Ian Chung

Note: Ir Leo Chan, Ir Prof Thomas Chan, Ir Horace Lee, Ir Prof Patrick Lee, Ir Mandy Leung, Ir Michelle Tang and Ir Raymond Wan were not available for the photo session. Ir Kelvin Lo and Ir Gilbert Tsang were appointed after the photo session.

New faces on Council

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The HKIE Time to Change Strategy Day 2021

The HKIE Time to Change Strategy Day 2021 was held on 14 August 2021 at the CIC-Zero Carbon Park, Kowloon Bay. As one of the initiatives under the Presidential Theme for Session 2021/2022, “The HKIE - Time to Change”, around 40 experienced and young members from various disciplines and sectors gathered to exchange their views and contribute ideas in mapping the transformative future of the Institution and to make recommendations for the HKIE’s Time to Change initiatives under the yearly theme.

The event started with a warm welcome by President Ir Edwin K F Chung, followed by a presentation from Arcadis, the service provider appointed to provide consultancy services for a year-long study for development of a Time to Change roadmap for the Institution, on the preliminary analyses of a benchmark study with our sister institutions and key findings of the Time to Change survey completed in early August 2021. Group discussions on five focus areas were also arranged, namely “Pursuing Digitalisation”, “EnhancingServices to Members”, “Boosting Professionalism”, “Facilitating Innovation” and “Undertaking Governance Review”.


Thanks to the support of the HKIE Officers, including the Immediate Past President Ir Prof P L Yuen, Senior Vice President Ir Aaron K M Bok and Vice Presidents Ir Dr Barry C H Lee and Vice President Ir Eric S C Ma, who served as group discussion leaders, the participants had exchanged views and contributed valuable input to co-create a comprehensive list of recommendations on each of the five focus areas. After two discussion sessions, each group was invited to present their suggestions and opinions at the wrap-up session. The 
half-day event ended with an interactive voting session for participants to vote for or against the recommendations and strategies that were raised from the discussions.

The great success of the event could not have been possible without members’ concerted efforts and contributions. The President thanked all the participants at the end of the event, drawing it to a close by envisaging the development of the Institution and the engineering profession to the next step further. The observations and suggestions collated will be one of the precious sources for the Institution in charting its roadmap for change.


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President Ir Edwin K F Chung giving welcome remarks to the participants


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1-5 Snapshots of the group discussion


Self Photos / Files - s4

Presentations of group representatives at the wrap-up session


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Closing remarks by President Ir Edwin K F Chung


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Voting on recommendations of the five topics


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Around 40 members engaging in the fruitful event

The HKTDC Education & Careers Expo 2021

Institution participated in The HKTDC Education & Careers Expo 2021 (Expo) held on 15 – 18 July at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre with the aims of promoting the engineering profession and the image of the Institution to the public, as well as inspiring youngsters to join the engineering profession.

Visitors, including students from secondary schools and tertiary institutions, engineering graduates, parents, teachers and the general public visited the HKIE booth to obtain up-to-date career information of the engineering industry, the worldwide reciprocal recognition of professional qualifications, the accreditation of academic programmes, membership requirements as well as the routes and training requirements for becoming a qualified engineer. Our School Ambassadors, both experienced and young members were invited to introduce to visitors the support provided by the Institution in their career development and help answer enquiries on engineering profession.

In order to enable visitors to have a deeper understanding of how engineering influences every aspect of life and facilitate them in charting their careers plans in the future, the Institution also participated in one of the seminar sessions during the Expo. Mr Benjamin Lam, Convenor of Working Group – Promotion to Schools of the Public Service Committee, delivered an informative talk to visitors, which exemplified the dynamism of the engineering profession and highlighted the career prospects of a professional engineer.


The Institution would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to the School Ambassadors for their kind assistance in making the Expo an invaluable and rewarding experience for all visitors. Highlights of the Expo could be viewed at


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Ir Edwin K F Chung (middle), President and Ir Bobby Ng (Right 2nd), Chairman of the
HKIE Public Service Committee, meeting members at the HKIE booth


Self Photos / Files - c2

Mr Benjamin Lam, Convenor of Working Group – Promotion to Schools of the Public
Service Committee, presenting at the seminar session


Self Photos / Files - c3School Ambassadors sharing their precious experience with the visitors


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