Local technical visit to CLP Power Engineering Laboratory
By Mr Keith WONG

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The IVE Engineering of Vocational Training Council (VTC), a vocational and professional education and training provider in Hong Kong, established the high-specification CLP Power Engineering Laboratory, with contributions from CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, in April 2021 to help nurture a new generation of power engineering talent.


The laboratory features a High Voltage Training Centre and the Smart Grid Operation Centre. It is equipped with advanced equipment for the development of new technologies in power engineering, such as Smart Grids, the Internet-of-things (IoT), and energy efficient smart devices.


On 17 December 2021, the EL Division organised a technical visit to the Waterfront Annex of IVE (Haking Wong) to help broaden participants’ understanding of the laboratory.


At the beginning of the visit, Dr T S Lam, Head of the Engineering Department delivered the introductory speech and objectives for setting up the Laboratory and provided an up-date on the latest industry technologies and hands-on practical training for future pillars.


The visitors had a chance to visit the High Voltage Training Centre which is equipped with different types of 11 kV equipment and a Supervisory Control and Acquisition Data Center (SCADA). The group also visited the Smart Grid Operation Centre, which is one of the few innovative institutional training facilities equipped with advanced real-time digital simulators (RTDS), electric vehicle charging stations and energy storage facilities.


The visit concluded with a demonstration of underground power cable detection, based on frequency detection techniques.


Throughout the visit, participants gained knowledge on how future power industry talent will be nurtured using the advanced technologies and professional training to support the sustainable future of Hong Kong and also the development of the VTC. On behalf of the EL Division, we would like to express our thanks to Dr Lam and the VTC staff for arranging and supporting the visit.

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