The HKIE’s Nominations for External Boards/Committees

(From 25 August 2022 to 16 December 2022)


Organisation Board/Committee Representative(s)/Nominee(s)
The HKSAR Government 
Buildings Department

Technical Committee on the Code of Practice for the Structural Use of Steel 
(Replacement nomination)

Ir Kylie LAM Nga Yan

Chief Secretary for Administration’s Office Mentors for the “Strive and Rise Programme” (共創明“Teen”計劃) Ir CHAN Chi Man, Ir Leo CHAN Hei Yim, Ir Dr Johnny CHEUK Chi Yin, Ir Alice CHOW Kin Tak, Ir Carmen CHU, Ir Eva KONG Nai Kui, Ir Wilson KWOK Wai Shun, Ir Horace LEE Chi Ho, Ir Jimmy LI Kwun, Ir William LUK Wai Lam, Ir Tracy PANG Ching Man, Ir Jenny YEUNG Fei
Construction Industry Council BIM Competition 2023 Organising Committee Ir Angela CHAO Sih Chu
Development Bureau Appeal Board Panel under the Construction Workers Registration Ordinance (Cap 583) Ir Felix CHAN Chun Tao, Ir Dr Philip CHAN Kan Ip, Ir Brian CHENG Wai Lung, Ir Henry CHEUNG Nin Sang, Ir Prof Jonathan LEE Man Kwong, Ir Sally LEUNG Suk Yan, Ir Dr Tommy LO Yiu, Ir Michelle NG Tsz Wing, Ir Dicky POON Yat Fai, Ir Kevin TANG, Ir Keith TSE Mau Kay, Ir Victon WONG Wing Lung, Ir Alan YAN Wai Ming, Ir Albert YAU Tat Hing, Mr Daniel YIP Toa Sun, Ir Tony ZA Wai Gin
Electrical and Mechanical
Services Department
Disciplinary Tribunal Panel under Builders’
Lifts and Tower Working Platforms (Safety)
Ordinance, Cap 470
Ir Dr Philip CHAN Kan Ip, Ir HO Sau Chiu, Ir Banson LAM Kin Chung, Ir Dr LI Chi Kwong, Ir Albany TAM Wa Iat
Prevention of Legionnaires’ Disease
(Replacement nomination)
Fire Services Department Advisory Committee under Fire Safety
(Buildings) Ordinance, Cap 572
Ir Anny IP Kit Ying, Ir Keith YUE Wai Pui
Advisory Committee under Fire Safety
(Industrial Buildings) Ordinance, Cap 636
Ir Jimmy LI Kwun, Ir Dr Fiona TSUI Suk Chong
Home and Youth Affairs
Appeal Board Panel of the Amusement
Rides (Safety) Ordinance

Mechanical Engineers
Ir Dr CHEUNG Ka Fu, Ir SE Wai Hung, Ir Kelvin TANG Sher Kin, Ir TO Ching Nok, Ir Albert YAU Tat Hing

Electrical or Electronic Engineers
Ir Hugo CHAN Cheong Yue, Ir Dr Philip CHAN Kan Ip, Ir Jimmy LI Kwun, Ir Derek NG Tat Ho, Ir Stephen YIP Chi Kin

Structural Engineers
Ir Stanley CHAN Bong Kwok, Ir CHAN Chi Kong, Ir Alice CHOW Kin Tak, Ir Robert LAM Siu Hung, Ir Kenneth PAK Chun Wai

Engineers of Other Disciplines
Ir CHAN Chi Man, Ir Lewis CHOI Ka Yin, Ir Jason FAN Kai To, Ir Dixon KWOK Kai Yuen, Ir Michelle NG Tsz Wing

Occupational Safety &
Health Council
Industry-based Safety and Health Committees (2023-27)

Construction Industry Safety and Health Committee
Ordinary Member
Ir Alan YAN Wai Ming
Alternate Member
Ir Victor TSE Wing Fung

Electrical & Mechanical Trade and Repair of Vehicles
Safety and Health Committee
Ordinary Member
Ir Michelle NG Tsz Wing
Alternate Member
Ir Dr MAK Shu Lun

Higher Education Institution
City University of Hong Kong Departmental Advisory Committee Ir Alice CHOW Kin Tak
Vocational Training Council Electrical and Mechanical Services Training
Ir Brian CHENG Wai Lung
Innovation and Technology Training Board Ir Dr Ritz LAU Ming Ho
中央政府駐港聯絡辦教育科技部 工程及建測規園界青年菁英國情研習班 Ir CHENG Wing Ho, Miss LAU Hok Yee, Mr LEE Chi Pan, Ir LEE Hok Man, Ir LIU Yang, Ir XIE Haijian, Ir XIE Yuzhou, Miss XU Yingyu, Ir ZHOU Shanjing, Mr ZHU Zhiyi


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