WK Lo's LegCo Express
Ir Dr The Hon Lo Wai Kwok

Delegation to cities in the Greater Bay Area
I led a delegation to cities in the Guangdong Province in August, members of which are representatives from the science and technology sector of Hong Kong and Macao. We visited some technology and innovation companies in Nan Sha, Kai Ping and Fo Shan to have a deeper understanding on the latest development of the city cluster there. I believe that strengthening the cooperation amongst cities in the Pearl River Delta cluster can improve the overall competitiveness and development impetus of the Greater Bay Area. Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao must seize the opportunities to deepen the collaborative relationship. By doing so, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area can surely drive the regional economic growth at a higher level.

Merging of the engineer grade under CEDD and WSD
On 15 September 2017, I joined the Merging of Engineer Streams Ceremony held by the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) and the Water Supplies Department (WSD). The merging of the engineer grade under the CEDD and WSD has been discussed for several years and carried out this year finally. The merging enhances the grade management, staff exposure, deployment and staff succession planning of the engineer grade members. In mid-2016, the Development Bureau conducted a formal staff consultation in regard to the proposed merger proposal, which was well-received by the staff member. At the ceremony, colleagues of the engineering departments had performances with music, songs, drama, etc to show the mission and vision of their work. The guests were impressed by engineers' talents in music, art and culture. I was also invited to use my saxophone to jam with the engineers' band to celebrate the event.

Officiated at the Mock LegCo Closing Ceremony
I was invited to officiate at the Mock LegCo Closing Ceremony on 13 August 2017. The Mock LegCo programme aims to provide opportunities for students to understand the daily operations of the LegCo and legislative procedures through role play, acting as LegCo Members or public officers. The activities enhanced their understanding of the roles and functions of the LegCo and its members.

Shatin Junior Reporter Programme
On 14 August 2017, I visited some infrastructure works in progress in Shatin with the students from the Shatin Junior Reporter Programme. This programme offers basic journalism training to students through practical experience. It improves students' language and communication skills. High-calibre professionals in different fields and sectors are invited to train and mentor the students. I am happy to share my views on the public works in Shatin District and working experiences as an engineer and a LegCo Member.

Ir Dr The Hon Lo Wai Kwok

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