Response to Ir CHAN Pak Keung, Ir Dr CHOI Yu Leuk and Ir Prof LEE Hun Wei Joseph's letter published in the November 2018 issue of Hong Kong Engineer

Dear Ir CHAN, Ir Dr CHOI, and Ir Prof LEE

Declining Competence in Hydraulics
Thank you for your letter to the Editor of the Hong Kong Engineer published in Volume 46, November 2018 sharing with us your views on the declining competence in hydraulics amongst the young civil engineers.

In the context of the HKIE, graduates of a programme that meets the specific requirements of a Discipline are eligible to apply for the Discipline concerned. For the Civil Discipline, according to our records, Engineering Hydraulics and Hydrology has not been and is not a discipline compulsory requirement. Nevertheless, you may wish to note that the curricula of the civil engineering degree programmes accredited by the HKIE that are offered by four universities funded by the University Grants Committee include "Hydraulics and Hydrology" or "Hydrosystems Engineering" as a core subject. In addition, those curricula may also cover some other related topics in hydraulics/hydrology/ hydrosystems engineering as core or elective subjects.

On the other hand, the HKIE, as a signatory of the Washington Accord (WA), must ensure that the programmes accredited by HKIE can satisfy the requirements of WA. As such, the HKIE has developed its Graduate Attributes since 1995. These graduate attributes apply across the board to engineering degree programmes of all engineering disciplines and do not contain discipline-specific components.

With global warming and climate change and the associated impacts, we accord that efforts would be made to promote such awareness to students in this respect as far as practicable. As experts in the field, we would welcome your views and advice on possible ways to promote the interest amongst students in this area of study and are willing to work together with parties concerned for the betterment of our society in the future.

Thank you once again for sharing your views with us for the benefit of the engineering profession.

Yours sincerely
Monica YUEN (Mrs)
Chief Executive and Secretary

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