MottMac appointed for Hung Shui Kiu New Development Area Stage 1

Mott MacDonald has been appointed by the Civil Engineering & Development Department (CEDD) to undertake the detailed design and construction supervision for Hung Shui Kiu New Development Area (HSK NDA) Stage 1.

HSK NDA has been identified as a suitable area to meet medium to long-term land demand in the 'Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision and Strategy'. The project will be implemented under a fast-track programme involving various complex tasks for providing infrastructure and the forming of five development sites. These sites will potentially be used for the development of the first batch of multi-storey buildings, other land-efficient means or the construction of village resite houses.

The consultant will provide detailed design and construction supervision of the infrastructure works for the five development sites. This includes site formation and the laying of water and drainage pipes, sewage mains and utilities, as well as roadworks and junction improvements.

"We are currently in the review phase of the project, where we are focusing on updating the documents from a previous planning and engineering study. Once this is complete, we will move into the detailed design phase, which includes cost estimation and tender document preparation, before the tender for the construction of the development sites begins," said Sai Ching, Mott MacDonald's project director.

The commission is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

The New Development Area viewed from Castle Peak. Image: MottMac

Drivers of Change interactive app launches

Arup has released an interactive app featuring its exclusive research on forces shaping the built and natural environments.

The Drivers of Change app puts the power to visualise future living - and the factors shaping the future - in the hands of educators, industry professionals, and the public, offering an informed starting point for conversations within communities and companies alike. Ten topics (climate change, convergence, demographics, energy, food, oceans, poverty, urbanisation, waste, and water) can be explored through any, or all, of the five 'STEEP' (social, technological, economic, environmental, and political) lenses.

The app will be regularly updated by Arup experts from around the globe. Additionally, users will be able to shape the content of the app by crowdsourcing their own scenarios for the future. It is available from Google Play or iTunes for mobile devices using Android and iOS operating systems.

PCCW Solutions wins TIS contract

PCCW Solutions, the IT services arm of PCCW Ltd, has been awarded a HK$17.6 million contract by the Transport Department to modernise Hong Kong's existing transport information system (TIS).

PCCW Solutions implemented the first TIS a decade ago. Under the new contract, the company will design, implement and maintain the advanced TIS, synchronising with the government's smart city initiative.

The new TIS will make use of the latest information technology to process both textual and spatial data integrated with geographic information system for managing traffic flow. The intelligent transport system will allow the public access to traffic and transport information in real time through government portals. The system will also enable real-time traffic condition predictions to improve mobility in Hong Kong.

Track-laying completed for SCL East West Corridor

Track-laying completed for SCL East West Corridor

The Shatin to Central Link (SCL) project is celebrating another milestone with the completion of track-laying for the 11 km Tai Wai-to-Hung Hom section. This marks the completion of the track-laying for the entire East West Corridor, which is progressing on course towards target completion in mid-2019. Works trains are now running between Tai Wai and Hung Hom to facilitate the installation of electrical and mechanical systems, including overhead lines, telecommunications as well as signalling systems. Testing and commissioning of the power supply system and the test running of trains will be conducted following the completion of all track-related works. Image: MTR

AECOM sets up environmental works JV

AECOM has signed an agreement with China Communications Construction Co Ltd Highway Consultants Co Ltd (HPDI), a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Group Ltd (CCCC), to establish a Beijing-based joint venture (JV) company, to capitalise on the growing need for stronger environmental protections across China.

The new JV company's planned business offerings will include consulting and planning services for environmental restoration, projects for soil and groundwater pollution, water resources, surface water and sediment remediation, and treatment of solid waste, air and waste water. The new JV company will also leverage the international and domestic advantages of AECOM and HPDI-CCCC.

There is significant market opportunity for the new JV company. The official focus area of "Greening: developing environmental technology industry, as well as ecological living and ecological culture" was named one of five core pillars of the national government's 13th Five-Year Plan.

HKUST and BGI Group establish joint research centre

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) and leading genomics organisation BGI Group will establish a joint research centre that will set the stage for the next-generation sequencing platform and research efforts designed to produce medical diagnosis and treatments with transformative impact.

Under the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the two, the centre will promote mutually beneficial cooperation in biotechnological science and engineering and develop solutions in areas such as healthcare, conservation and the environment.

The centre will set up different research platforms based on the two parties' core competence and mutual interest, such as medical imaging and high-throughput sequencing, which not only seeks to enhance and extend the scope of applied genetic studies, but also pursue novel medical treatment and diagnosis, especially for certain neurodegenerative diseases which urgently require clinical interventions. The platforms will lay the foundation for facilitating multi-disciplinary research studies including ageing biology, automatic medical imaging and image analysis, precision oncology targeting clonal dynamics, machine learning for medical diagnostic assistance and marine genomics.

TD invites tenders for CCTV system telecom services

The Transport Department (TD) is inviting tenders for a contract for the telecommunication services for a closed circuit television (CCTV) system (contract no TD 44/2017).

The service period of this five-year contract will be from March 2018 to February 2023. The contract covers the provision of communication links for transmission of CCTV images between on-street CCTV cameras and traffic control centres for Tuen Mun and Yuen Long districts.

The deadline for tender submission is September 22.

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