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Delegation visit to Malaysia
By Ir Dr Victor LI and Ir Dr Eric LI

The GE Division Committee (GDC) organised a delegation visit to Malaysia between 5 and 11 March 2006, led by the Chairman, Ir Dr Victor Li. The highlight of the visit was a two-day international conference at Ipoh, Malaysia, which was attended by 12 members. The conference title is "Sinkhole, slope and structural failure: myth or science", with particular focus on slope and structural failures caused by earthquakes, landslide and sinkholes.

Ir H N Wong of GEO/CEDD presented a paper on slope monitoring and instrumentation in the conference and showed to the fellow engineers in Malaysia the advanced practice of slope design and slope management in Hong Kong, which attracted a lot of interest.

To encourage more participation of young engineers, GDC had sponsored five young members to attend the conference. They were Ms Crystal Ho, Ms Krystal Wong, Mr Jack Pan, Mr Thomas Wong and Ms Shirley Leung. These five aspiring engineers will present what they have learnt from the conference in a debriefing meeting to be organised shortly.

The delegation also visited the Slope Engineering Branch of the Public Works Department at Kuala Lumpur (KL) to share experience in various aspects of design control and slope management in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Following the visit of GDC to Malaysia in 2003, a meeting was held with the Geotechnical Technical Division of Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) to foster a closer link with them and to discuss the details of a technical seminar to be held in Hong Kong, jointly by both organisations in August 2006 on geotechnical works in connection with cavernous marble.

The GE Division has recently supported the formation of a Working Group on Landslide Mission (WGLM). The main objective of WGLM is to foster an exchange of expertise in landslide assessments and failure investigations amongst geotechnical engineers in Hong Kong and other Asian countries. Ten members of our delegation undertook a trial investigation into a major old landslide in Kuala Lumpur between 8 and 10 March. The investigation aimed to identify potential logistical problems which may occur and to develop procedures for solving such problems when the WGLM commissions a formal overseas landslide investigation in the future.

Presentation on landslide and risk management

Ir H N Wong participating in the discussion

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