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The drive to build a smart city, from now to 2030 and beyond

Do you know that Hong Kong people are really smart? According to IQ Research, Hong Kong tops the world's IQ ranking, with an average score of 108.

But as a city, how smart is Hong Kong? Singapore, which is joint top with Hong Kong on the IQ ranking, is aiming to be the first city in the w...... (click for details)

Flash-memory system to make data centres more energy-efficient

Potential applications of big data to climate resilience

BV wins grey water treatment plant consultancy at Anderson Road Quarry
Real-time trolley supply monitoring system developed for airport
HKU-led team develops low-cost super steel
HKUST robotics team wins nine robotics awards
CU launches the first Department of Biomedical Engineering in HK
HKPC Industry 4.0 demonstration centre
HKRI Taikoo Hui to launch
Hactl introduces VR training


Science in Brief
Embracing 'DfMA' in the run-up to Hong Kong 2030+
Book Review
Biomedical Note

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