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Technical seminar on water treatment of central air-conditioning cooling system
(Jointly organised with the CA Division and the AMC)

Date, time & venue
22 October 2018 (Mon); 6:00pm refreshment for 6:30; HKIE

Programme highlights
In this seminar, the speaker will discuss on the following topics:

- Purpose of water treatment
- Difficuties of balancing among corrosion, scaling and algae control
- Treatment theory (LSI)
- Function of Aquadart
- Real time water treatment automation system
- Successful factors of water treatment

This seminar will be conducted in English with PowerPoint illustration in English.

Mr Zafir Hassen, Associate of NCH Corporation

Registration & enquiries
This seminar is free of charge and the number of participants is limited to 80. For registration, please register online via the AMC's website at Successful applicants will be notified before the seminar. For enquiries, please contact Mr Daniel Yip by Email: Attendance certificates will be available after the seminar.

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