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A moment of reflection

In about a fortnight, Session 2021/2022 will draw to a close1. It is opportune to take stock of what we have achieved on our road to transformation and growth amidst the challenges that confronted us in the past year.


The presidential theme for Session 2021/2022 “The HKIE - Time to Change (香港工程師學會 – 專業維新)” has culminated in a roadmap guiding our direction over the coming five years. This is the result of collective efforts with input by many members of the Institution. Five focus areas of improvements have been identified in the roadmap, viz, pursuing digitalisation, enhancing services to members, facilitating innovation, boosting professionalism and undertaking governance review. This will set the scene for future institutional development and undertakings.


The Session was not just spent on planning work. Apart from the routines, quite a few new initiatives had been identified and accomplished.


Digital transformation

To improve the overall efficiency and keep pace with the global trend, digital transformation projects were implemented including network design and upgrade, MS O365 migration for email system and document management system. Others which are in the pipeline includes membership database revamp, new membership and event management applications. Planning on a facelift of our website is also well in hand.


From September 2021, graduate members are now able to access online editable versions of Record of Training Outcomes, Training Logbook and Record of CPD on the HKIE website. To allow for digital professional assessment, an examination room with computers has now been set up at the HKIE headquarters. Furthermore, to play our part in reducing carbon footprint, our two journals, viz, Hong Kong Engineer and HKIE Transactions , have now gone online.


Gaining prominence

The Institution is stepping up making its voice heard. Two research reports detailing our concerns on procurement policy for works and consultancy contracts and engineer manpower to cope with surging demand were published in March and April respectively this year. They have received positive feedbacks from the authorities as well as the media.


Other than these two reports, up to the end of July, the Institution has already submitted a total of 17 professional views to various government bureaux/departments and answered 152 media enquiries on various engineering issues.


To better connect with the public especially the younger generations, we launched the HKIE Facebook page and Instagram account in September and December 2021 respectively.


Allowing youngsters to understand the engineers more is an effective means of inspiring them to become engineers. We have therefore collaborated with government bureaux/ departments, public utilities, engineering-related enterprises and businesses to produce the video campaign – “What Do Engineers Do?”. The campaign was launched in November 2021 on HKIE’s YouTube Channel and social media platforms and it is well received with encouraging viewership. This will go on until this December.


To sustain the momentum, two more video campaigns are underway. A campaign in a video interview format will feature accomplished engineers in their 30s to 40s, who are at the middle level of their career ladder. These will hopefully shed light on the career prospect after joining the engineering profession. Another video campaign will be showcasing major projects done by engineers. The videos will be produced in collaboration with government departments and engineering-related companies.


We spare no effort in supporting our young breed. The HKIE Mentorship Scheme was launched in April 2022. The Scheme offers mentor-to-mentee support for non-corporate members who wish to become a Member or an Associate Member of the HKIE. Support is also offered to existing members seeking an additional engineering discipline.


Connecting globally

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been maintaining our contact with the engineering professions of the Mainland and around the world.


In December 2021, we co-hosted the Greater Bay Area Engineers Forum with the China Association for Science and Technology, the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO). Approximately 500 delegates and guests joined the Forum either physically or online.


During the above Forum, we executed a Mutual Recognition Agreement with the Guangdong Society for Electrical Engineering, being the first mutual qualification recognition with a provincial institution in the Mainland. With the requisite acknowledgment by the municipal authorities, this agreement marks a significant milestone in creating valuable and extensive opportunities for Hong Kong engineers in the Greater Bay Area.


With the assistance of digital means, the Periodic Reviews of the Washington Accord and the combined APEC Engineer and International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA) were successfully conducted. HKIE’s signatory status under the Washington Accord plus authorised membership status under APEC Engineer and IPEA were formally approved for another six years during the International Engineering Alliance series of meetings held in June/July this year.


On future outlook

The past Session has been an eventful one with steps made towards the betterment of the Institution. Looking ahead, the prime focus of the next Session will be on boosting professionalism. The vision is to uplift the image of the engineer in both the professional arena and community at large. We will not lose sight of other important subjects like motivating young people to join the profession, and exploring opportunities for members around the world including those presented by the GBA development etc. When challenges arise, we will use our best endeavours to tackle them. Just like the COVID pandemic which had impacted on the “present and voting” requirements for our Council and General Meetings. We have taken quick actions of proposing amendments to the Constitution for approval at the upcoming Special General meeting2. Please lend you support to the proposal by attending the Meeting.


1 The 47th Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 24 August 2022.

2 The Special General Meeting will be held on 24 August 2022 prior to the Annual General Meeting. Details of the Meeting can be found at




Council Election

On 14 July 2022, the Council elected Ir Aaron Bok Kwok-ming as the President of the Institution for Session 2022/2023 in accordance with Article 16 of the Constitution.


At its special meeting on 21 June 2022, the Council resolved to nominate Ir Alice Chow Kin-tak as a candidate for election as Vice President on the day of the 47th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 24 August 2022. The re-election of incumbent Vice Presidents Ir Dr Barry Lee Chi-hong and Ir Eric Ma Siu-cheung will also be conducted on the same day. There are five vacancies for Elected Ordinary Members up for election on the day of the AGM and the nomination will close on 3 August 2022.


Members are invited to attend the AGM and show your support.


Draft agenda for the Special General Meeting

The Council approved the agenda for the Special General Meeting to be held on 24 August 2022.

Professional Assessment Schedule of Civil Discipline

The HKIE has been accepting applications for Membership in Civil (CVL) Discipline via Formal Training Route and General Experience Route once a year following a fixed schedule.


In order to allow greater flexibility for applicants to schedule their applications for HKIE Membership as and when they are ready, applications for Membership in CVL Discipline via all admission routes (including Formal Training Route, General Experience Route, Mature Route, Reciprocal Recognition Agreement Route and others) are now accepted throughout the year.


In this light, the Professional Assessments via all admission routes will be conducted throughout the year upon the candidates’ applications with proper submissions.


Please refer to the “Guidance Notes for Professional Assessment - Civil Discipline” which is available on the HKIE website for details of the new arrangements.

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