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The HKIE President’s Protégés Scheme (PPS) 2021/2022 has been a rewarding and fruitful experience for all Protégés and we would like to express our gratitude to President Ir Edwin Chung.


Not only have we gained great insight and understanding of how the HKIE operates, we also took part in a variety of tasks assigned by the President to support his campaign.


“The HKIE – Time to change" is the essence of our President’s campaign this session. The President envisaged the overall advancement of the engineering industry by encouraging key changes such as digitalisation. To support the President’s campaign, we first participated in the President’s meetings with different stakeholders to familiarise ourselves with the challenges and obstacles currently encountered by the industry.


After consolidating all the feedback from different stakeholders, we assisted the President in voicing out the challenges and obstacles to the concerned parties. We joined the research task forces for the two recent HKIE publications on the procurement policy review and augmenting engineer manpower to cope with a foreseeable surge in demand. Considering all the tasks we took part in, the success of publishing the two research reports was the most memorable of all.


Although the HKIE PPS 2021/2022 is reaching an end, a new chapter is also beginning for us. We will be introduced to the HKIE President's Protégés Club’s (PPC) members and will continue to support future Presidents in their campaigns for the improvement of the industry. And last but not least, after a successful and fruitful year, we would like to share our valuable experiences individually as President’s Protégés in the past year.


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HKIE PPS 2021/2022


Miss Elaine CHEUNG Wai Han

I was truly honoured to be one of the Protégés. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our President Ir Edwin Chung, who inspired us with his aspiration for the engineering industry throughout the year.


By participating in the various task force activities and observing the internal meetings of the Institution, it deepened our insights into the working and decision making process for engineering public affairs. Ir Chung and senior engineers shared their success stories and experiences generously and this will guide us to invaluable intuition in our engineering futures.


I was glad to work alongside my fellow Protégés. Together we will continue to raise public appreciation for the engineering profession and dedicate ourselves to making significant positive changes in the Institution.


Mr Nicky CHEUNG Chi San

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for being selected as one of the Protégés this year. I got a valuable chance to shadow President Ir Edwin Chung in many events and meetings, which broadened my horizons as a young engineer. The President demonstrated his determination and perseverance to making changes in our industry and this offered me many rewarding experience throughout the year.


For example, the President held meetings to encourage the City University of Hong Kong and the Architectural Services Department to work more tightly together in shaping a better engineering future. I also gained a valuable opportunity to assist in conducting research on engineering manpower by collecting statistics from companies and universities. It was a great experience to work with other Protégés who come from different disciplines and companies.


I look forward to constructing a brighter future for engineers, engineering industry, and our society with all of you.


Mr Henry CHOW Tak Chun

It was truly my honour to be selected as one of this year’s Protégés to shadow President Ir Edwin Chung and learn from my fellow Protégés. The motto of President Ir Chung’s presidency was “The HKIE – Time to Change” and I was highly privileged to be a part of this transformation.


In September 2021, I had the chance to accompany the President to attend a meeting with the staff from VTC to identify the limitations of the profession and to encourage support for the President’s proposed changes to the HKIE. The meeting had a great impact on me and allowed me to better understand the steps that we should take to further advance the profession.


Later during my term as a Protégé, I was given the valuable opportunity to serve as the emcee for The HKIE Prize Presentation Ceremony cum New Members’ Reception. Representing the HKIE at such a significant event was oneof my most unforgettable experiences as a Protégé. To conclude, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the President for his kind guidance and to all the other Protégés for their support.


Mr Jimmy FUNG Shing Ming

I feel absolutely privileged to be one of the Protégés this session under the lead of President Ir Edwin Chung. I was extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to collaborate with 11 other promising young engineers from the HKIE President’s Protégés Scheme.


“The HKIE – Time to Change” was the theme for this session and we as Protégés all shared that same vision from the start of our term. My participation in the “Research on Procurement Policy Review for Works Contracts and Consultancy Contracts” was most definitely an invaluable experience which helped develop myself into a better engineer. Being a Protégé has inspired me to continue growing as an engineering professional and support the industry in the days and years to come.


Mr Ian HO Chun Wo

It was my great pleasure to be selected as one of the Protégés and it has been a fruitful and rewarding journey for me. By shadowing President Ir Edwin Chung, I gained many insights into the interaction with engineering industrial leaders and the development of the Institution.


As a Protégé, I was allowed to join several meetings with senior figures and different major stakeholders, from public organisations to academic institutions, where I was able to appreciate how industrial leaders work together to solve the difficulties we face. Participating in the digitalisation working group and the research task forces, provided me with valuable opportunities to embrace a mindset of change and digitalisation.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ir Chung and my fellow Protégés for this extraordinary journey.


Ms Gloria IP Ching Tung

It was my pleasure to be part of the HKIE President’s Protégés family. I am grateful to have been able to meet so many like-minded and enthusiastic young professionals who crave to contribute and change lives for the better.


Shadowing President Ir Chung in various Council/Board meetings and institutional events, and engaging in the Infrastructure and Development Taskforce enabled me to gain valuable insights and cultivate an awareness of my social responsibilities as an engineer.


The experience of emceeing The HKIE Annual Grand Ceremony cum Award Presentation this year was memorable. I would like to take the opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Ir Chung for his guidance and support. I am also thankful to my fellow Protégés who helped make this year-long journey so fruitful and rewarding.


Mr Roy LI Tsz Yau

It was my honour to be selected as one of the Protégés this year. As a President’s Protégé, I gained valuable experience by engaging in events like the HKIE Time to Change Strategy Day and the Young Professional Workshop - Study on Artificial Islands in the Central Waters.


I also gained insights into the workings of the HKIE by attending important HKIE meetings like the Council/Board meetings. It was also my great pleasure to participate in the HKIE Task Force - Research on Procurement Policy Review for Works Contracts and Consultancy Contracts to investigate possible ways to enhance current practices in Hong Kong.


These invaluable experiences have truly broadened my horizons. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the President and other senior members for their support throughout our journey as President’s Protégés.


Mr Ackle SHAM Cheuk Kiu

I have had a truly rewarding year with President Ir Edwin Chung and my fellow Protégés. I was given opportunities to join various management level meetings, and observe Council meetings, Executive meetings and Board meetings within the Institution as well as other meetings with government departments.


I learned how senior figures in the industry collaborate. Researching and assisting in the publications on augmenting engineer manpower and the procurement policy review under the President’s theme of “The HKIE – Time to Change” was undoubtedly the most worthwhile and memorable task since it provided a sound foundation for driving our industry and hence making an even better society.


All in all, joining the President’s Protégés Scheme was a most precious opportunity for me to get engaged in the HKIE and I am delighted I could participate.


Ms Emily SY Hiu Yin

I was honoured to be one of the President’s Protégés for Session 2021/2022. The Scheme provided me with plenty of learning opportunities such as shadowing President Ir Edwin Chung in stakeholder meetings. These allowed me to understand the difficulties that the industry has faced from the government and private perspectives. Regarding the problems, Protégés and I proposed possible solutions and compiled the “Research on Augmenting Engineer Manpower to Cope with the Foreseeable Surge in Demand”. Apart from the practice of soft skills, participating in the research also offered me a valuable chance to make contributions to the entire industry. Lastly, I would like to thank the President for his guidance and other Protégés for making this journey a memorable one.


Mr Mike WU Ka Tsun

It was my honour to serve the HKIE as one of the Protégés for this session. It provided me with many opportunities to gain exposure and experience in attending various HKIE events including Council, Executive and Board meetings and The Annual Grand Ceremony cum Award Presentation. I was also pleased to join the HKIE Task Force to collaborate with other experienced engineers to conduct research on the procurement policy review for works contracts and consultancy contracts to help address the identified problems.


However, my greatest pleasure was to get to know my fellow Protégés who are all outstanding and brilliant engineers. I am very thankful for the Scheme and I will cherish everything I learnt and everyone I met during my time in the President’s Protégés Scheme.


Ms Chloe YIP Chun Yi

I was pleased to be chosen as one of the President’s Protégés for Session 2021/2022 to shadow President Ir Edwin Chung, and gain first-hand insights into the industry and contribute to the engineering society. It was incredible to meet the other amazing young engineers and attend important HKIE events with senior figures in the industry. We were also honoured to join the “The HKIE – Time to Change” initiative this year, and did a thorough research on the topic manpower supply of current and future engineering industry, and provided policy suggestions. This warm family was highly supportive, and the experience helped me grow and learn and contribute to promoting the engineering profession in Hong Kong.


Ir Derek YU Cheuk Yin

It feels like yesterday when we all gathered with the President for our first group picture.


Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, being a Protégé has been memorable and eventful. From being an emcee at the HKIE events to assisting the President in doing research, my role as a Protégé this year has been diverse. I have gained insights into how the HKIE operates and gained communication skills from being the coordinator for this session.


The biggest lesson I learned is that “Change” does not come easily. The advancement of the engineering industry requires concerted efforts from different stakeholders. I was also glad that we Protégés had good chemistry amongst ourselves and cooperated effectively in supporting the President. Looking back, we can always be proud of our contributions to the engineering industry. Last, but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to President Ir Edwin Chung for this invaluable experience. I look forward to contributing more to the betterment of the industry.


List of events attended by the PPS 2021/2022

  • HKIE Time to Change Strategy Day (August 2021)
  • HKIE President’s Meeting with Major Stakeholders (August - November 2021)
  • HKIE Presidential Address and Dinner for Session 2021/2022 (September 2021)
  • 2021 Shanghai and Hong Kong Symposium on Science and Technology (October 2021)
  • Young Professional Workshop - Study on Artificial Islands in the Central Waters (December 2021)
  • 2021 Greater-Bay Area Engineers Forum (December 2021) • City Dress-up Photo Competition - Engineering Hong Kong’s Bright Future (January 2022)
  • HKIE PPC Task Force - Research on Procurement Policy Review for Works Contracts and Consultancy Contracts (January - March 2022)
  • HKIE PPC Task Force - Research on Augmenting Engineer Manpower to Cope with the Foreseeable Surge in Demand (January - March 2022)
  • HKIE Annual Grand Ceremony cum Award Presentation (June 2022)
  • HKIE Prize Presentation Ceremony cum New Members’ Reception (June 2022)



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HKIE PPS at the HKIE Presidential Address and Dinner for Session 2021/2022


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