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Time to Change Roadmap

As we turn a new page for 2022, a Townhall Forum for the “HKIE Time to Change Roadmap” was staged on 7 January 2022 during which preliminary suggestions for the Roadmap were presented. Over 100 members joined the Forum either in-person or online to appreciate and made views on a total of 46 priorities and 20 future recommendations under the five focus areas of "Pursuing Digitalisation", "Enhancing Services to Members", "Facilitating Innovation", "Boosting Professionalism", and "Undertaking Governance Review". Members present showed keen support for the adoption of the recommendations put forth for formulating the Roadmap.


With the successful completion of the Forum, the Institution’s engagement with members is drawing to an end. We are grateful for the active participation throughout the engagement exercise. Whilst any further views are certainly welcome, we are now consolidating all feedback collected from members and various stakeholders with a view to completing the gap analysis on “where we are” and “where we want to be” and finalising recommendations for the institutional changes. Members can expect that a “Time to Change Roadmap” with clear directions and a timetable for implementation will be ready for publication by the end of this Session.


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Boosting professionalism
Being a major focus area of the Time to Change Roadmap, ideas for “Boosting Professionalism” resonates most throughout the engagement exercise including the Member Satisfaction Survey conducted in July/August 2021. To demonstrate the strong commitment to change, work is already in hand to formulate the theme of the next Session along this direction. Enhancing visibility of the Institution and improving image of the engineering profession will therefore receive the greatest emphasis in the coming months. We will spearhead initiatives to rejuvenate the public perception of engineers, contribute to the society’s long-term development, nurture competent engineers for the future and enhance the recognition of engineers’ professional status.


A new stage of digitalisation
Readers will recall that we are implementing a digitalisation roadmap to enhance our operational efficiency and services to members. The upgrading of our telecommunications hardware infrastructure is now in progress, and the network upgrading project, together with the MS365 mailbox, document management and room booking systems, are expected to conclude in a couple of months. Comprehensive validation trials will be conducted before commissioning.


Major projects for uplifting our services to members are in the pipeline and these include event management application, e-membership applications for HKIE and ERB, and the Secretariat membership database revamp. Our project manager, the Hong Kong Productivity Council, has completed user requirement studies and the relevant documentation review. With the target of inviting tenders very soon, it is the plan to have these essential applications ready by the end of the year.


Adjudicator nomination
The Institution has received some good news with its admission to the Register of Adjudicator Nominating Bodies to fulfil the HKSAR Government’s objective of implementing Security of Payment in public works contracts. This has demonstrated the success of our sustained efforts of assisting in the development and promotion of alternative dispute resolution strategies. The Institution will continue to collaborate with various stakeholders for the purpose of enhancing professionalism in the engineering arena.


City Dress-up Photo Competition - 'Engineering Hong Kong’s Bright Future'
The Institution and the Development Bureau are co-organising the City Dress-up Photo Competition - “Engineering Hong Kong’s Bright Future”, which is a part of the City Dress-up Programme for the celebration of the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of the Establishment of the HKSAR. The photo competition aims to showcase Hong Kong's achievements in infrastructure development and other engineering-related areas, such as innovation and technology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and smart city. We hope that the Competition could facilitate the public to better understand the vitality of the engineering industry as well as how engineers’ forward-looking ideas contribute to Hong Kong’s bright future. HKIE Student Members and young members are encouraged to share their visions on the theme through capturing Hong Kong’s cityscape by photography. Detail>>


'What Do Engineers Do?' Video Campaign
After the launch of the “What Do Engineers Do?” Video Campaign last November, new videos are being posted every week with engineers’ stories to inspire the pubic and particularly youngsters with the achievements and contributions of the engineering profession. We are grateful for the industry’s support and heartened by the positive feedbacks received on the interesting stories shared by our fellow young engineers. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for updates!


Opportunity for exceptional young engineers and researchers
HKIE Transactions recently published in its Volume 28 Number 4 the awarded and four shortlisted papers for The HKIE Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/Researchers 2021. We offer open access and welcome members of the public to read HKIE Transactions with the aim of facilitating knowledge exchange and keeping members abreast of the latest engineering development.

The HKIE Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/ Researchers 2022 is now open for submissions until 7 March 2022. All HKIE members and non-members aged 35 or below are welcome to enter. Detail>>


Electronic Membership Card for Graduate Members, Companions and Affiliates
The HKIE has issued electronic membership card (e-membership card) to Student Members to replace their physical membership card starting from April 2021. With the positive feedback from members, the HKIE is extending this service of e-membership card for members in the classes of Graduate Member, Companion and Affiliate from the financial year of 2022/2023.


The e-membership card will be available five working days after the successful settlement of membership subscription for the financial year. Members can retrieve the e-membership card online in the Member Login area.


Division Annual General Meetings (AGM) of Session 2021/2022
Division AGMs of Session 2021/2022 will be held during late March to early May 2022. Circulars for each Division’s AGM will be sent to Division members’ registered email addresses via the HKIE eNewsletter system and posted on the websites of both the Institution and Divisions. Members can update their correspondence information and membership status in the Member Login area on the HKIE website or by contacting the Membership Section at




Vice President nomination
In preparation for the Vice President election for Session 2022/2023, the Council reviewed and adopted the “Procedures and Schedule for Vice President Nomination”. The nomination period for election of the Vice President for Session 2022/2023 is from 1 February to 11 March 2022. A Council meeting (Special) will be held on 21 April 2022 for the candidate(s) to make a presentation to the Council Members before the Council finalises its nominations of Vice President for election by Corporate Members on the day of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Details of the information and the nomination form are available on the Institution’s website at during the nomination period.


Election of Honorary Fellow
The Council resolved to elect Ir Alfred CHAN Wing-kin as an Honorary Fellow of the Institution in recognition of his distinguished achievements and contributions to engineering and the Institution.


Renewal of Agreement of Co-operation with the Institution of Engineering and Technology
On the recommendation of the Learned Society Board (LSB), the Council approved the proposed amendments to the Agreement of Co-operation with the Institution of Engineering and Technology.


Proposal on inviting all HKIE members to express interest in nominating to external board/committee
On the recommendation of the LSB, the Council approved the proposed mechanism for inviting and handling selfnominations of HKIE members to external boards/committees. The call for self-nomination is expected to be announced at the beginning of Session 2022/2023.


The HKIE Investment Guidelines
On the recommendation of the Administration Board, the Council approved the proposed changes to the HKIE Investment Guidelines.


Unpaid annual subscription
The Council resolved to strike off a list of members who have not paid their annual subscriptions for the Session 2021/2022 pursuant to Article 13(2) of the Constitution.

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