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Submitted policy proposals to chief executive candidate

Together with some other LegCo members, I met with Mr. John Lee, the candidate for chief executive on April 11, to exchange views on the challenges and opportunities of Hong Kong. We submitted a policy proposal to him focusing on people’s livelihood issues, lands and housing problem, promotion of post-epidemic economic development, integrating into national development, etc. I pointed out that the Northern Metropolis must be developed at full speed. The new government must break the existing legal and policy restrictions, conduct research on the development potential of green areas with low ecological value, relax the plot ratio in the wetlands buffer area, and enhance the transportation infrastructure in the New Territories. We hope that the new government can break the old constraints, resolve social conflicts with courage, live up to the entrustment of the central government and the expectations of the public, and lead Hong Kong to achieve greater success.


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Enhanced 2022 Employment Support Scheme (ESS)

In order to provide timely financial support for the businesses affected by the fifth wave of the epidemic, the Government has announced the launch of a new round of ESS on 18 March 2022, as well as the enhanced version of the 2022 ESS on 7 April 2022 after collecting and considering the views of various parties including me. The Government enhanced the measures including removing the monthly salary cap (of HK$30,000) for employees eligible for the wage subsidy; allowing the industries that are less affected by the fifth wave of the epidemic to apply for the wage subsidy, with 100 employees as the cap; covering part-timers, temporary staff, as well as  self-employed persons, and employees aged 65 or above, with Mandatory Provident Fund accounts; and the number of employees eligible  for the subsidy per company will be capped at 1,000. Around 160,000 employers, 1.6 million employees, and 140,000 self-employed persons are estimated to benefit from the enhanced support measures. The scheme opened for application on 29 April.


Funding projects approved at the PWSC and FC meetings

At the PWSC meeting on 6 April, the allocation of $1.6 billion was approved for the construction of a district open space, a sports centre and an underground public vehicle park at Sze Mei Street, San Po Kong. This funding was approved at the FC meeting on 29 April. On 26 April, a funding project of $5.8 billion was approved by PWSC for the construction of a District Court Building at Caroline Hill Road. Another funding project of $1.1 billion was also approved to carry out site formation and infrastructure works to support the proposed public housing development at Area 48, Fanling. The projects together with the others would be forwarded to the FC for final funding approval.


Construction Industry Caring Campaign 2.0

In view of Hong Kong’s fifth wave of COVID-19 pandemic, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) extends the “Construction Industry Caring Campaign” into its 2.0 phase, with the support of the Development Bureau, allocating HK$123 million to continue aiding construction workers who were infected with COVID-19 or requested to undergo quarantine.


Third Runway at Hong Kong International Airport is ready for commencing operation

Earlier in April, the flight check of the Third Runway was satisfactorily completed. The Third Runway is ready for commencing operation, marking a milestone of readiness preparation. Airport Authority Hong Kong and Civil Aviation Department are working closely together on other preparation work, including statutory procedures, drills and exercises for the commissioning of the Third Runway.


Distributed “anti-epidemic service bags” to the residents of three-nil buildings

On 2 April, I distributed “anti-epidemic service bags” to the residents of three-nil buildings with some LegCo members, district members and volunteers. Most residents live in the subdivided units, which is extremely unsatisfactory for children to grow up in this cramped environment. I urged the Government to solve the persistent housing problem, so as to create a workable and livable Hong Kong with upward mobility.


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