Opening of an inclined lift in Kwai Chung

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On 6 April 2022, an inclined lift between Tai Wo Hau Road and Wo Tong Tsui Street in Kwai Chung, the first of its kind constructed by the HKSAR, opened to the public on a 24-hour basis. The total population served, both residential and commercial, including people working at community facilities and schools in the area, is around 65,000. In the past, before the opening of the inclined lift, other than by means of cars/vehicles, pedestrians had to go up and down a staircase of about 120 steps built on a steep slope between Tai Wo Hau Road and Wo Tong Tsui Street in order to access Kwong Fai Circuit and Kwai Hing MTR Station. The inclined lift provides an additional transport link for the local population, which is convenient, comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly. This inclined lift is designed by Mannings (Asia) Consultants Limited and constructed by Hung Yip - Geotech JV under the management of Highways Department.


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