Chairman’s message
By Ir David WONG Yuk Ming

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It is truly a great honour to succeed Ir Prof Raymond Tong as the Chairman of the BM Division for the Session 2022/2023. Little did I know when I returned to Hong Kong in 1993 working for Mott MacDonald on Airport Port Core Projects, that one day I would be the Chairman of the BM Division. I started life under Scheme A training as a civil engineer and chartered in 1998 with HKIE. In 2004, I took the opportunity to move into the Medical Industry and I have never looked back. Whether we are civil or biomedical engineers, our importance to society is unquestionable. As our President says “God created a universe that exists; while engineers create a world that never was”.


I am excited to witness the growth of the Division and note that Biomedical Engineering has reached out in Academia, Healthcare, the Medical Device Industry and is now playing an important role in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). As the central hub of the GBA, Hong Kong is playing an important role, and in an aging society, it is clear there will be tremendous opportunities for our young bio-medical engineers in AI and Robotics.


We are committed to joining hands with the leaders of the industry and local academia to raise public awareness of the importance of Biomedical Engineering to society. As a member of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE), we will represent Hong Kong by sending delegates to regional and international conferences, and we are currently preparing an International Biomedical Conference which will embrace topics from frontier medical technologies, clinical engineering practice to medical device regulatory affairs.


The proposals for medical device regulation in Hong Kong have been ongoing for some time married with changes to the Medical Device Directive in the European Union (EU). These challenges support the need for Biomedical Engineers to uphold the safety and well-being of society by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of medical devices.


All these initiatives will not happen without your involvement. So I would like to appeal for your support to enhance the development of the Biomedical Engineering profession. Thank you!

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