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Expressed expectations and recommendations for the Policy Address 2022-23

On 8 September, together with some other LegCo members, I met the Chief Executive to expressed expectations and recommendations for the Policy Address 2022-23. Our proposals covered four main areas including formulating a roadmap for customs clearance, retaining enterprises and talents, speeding up post-epidemic recovery, etc. As the housing and land issues are still the main challenges of Hong Kong in the short and medium term, a report of “Making Good Use of Land to Accelerate Housing Construction” was conducted and submitted to the CE together with the Policy Address proposal. Eight special proposals are put forward to make good use of land in Hong Kong and speed up housing construction, to break through the housing problems in Hong Kong.


On 30 Sep, I also submitted to the CE my proposals on the Policy Address including the aspects on promoting the resumption of customs clearance, speeding up the revitalization of the economy, actively integrating into national development and expanding regional cooperation opportunities, building a safe and livable city, and promoting social diversity and integration.


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Urged the Government to coorganize large-scale forums and exhibitions with the mainland

On 30 Sep, with some other LegCo members, I proposed some recommendations to the Government that Hong Kong should seek the support of the central government, co-organize large-scale forums and exhibitions with the mainland. We also put forward eight proposals to promote Hong Kong's "internal and external connectivity" on how to give full play to the advantages of the Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Center, meet the needs of the country, and boost the Hong Kong economy.


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Report on the Power Cable Incident of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Regarding the incident of power cable of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited on 21 June 2022, it is believed that malfunctioning low-voltage auxiliary equipment (fluorescent lights) inside the power cable bridge caught fire, which was spread to the cables installed in the bridge, resulting in the incident. At the meeting of Panel on Economic Development on 2 Sep, I raised the concern over the risk management and urged the Government to set up an inter-departmental steering committee on safety risks of the city to comprehensively review the legislation relating to city safety, promote a safe city culture, and enable the public to understand the importance of city safety and the basic principles for responding to contingencies.



LegCo Panel members visited Aberdeen Market

On 5 Oct, together with some other LegCo members, I visited Aberdeen Market to better understand the progress of the overhaul works and the modernized facilities to be provided in the said market. The overhaul of Aberdeen Market is a pioneering project of the Market Modernization Programme. I am pleased to learn that the overhauled market is expected to be open in the first quarter of 2023 and will provide around 150 stalls. With the installation of an air-conditioning system, widened passageways and upgraded barrier-free facilities, the competitiveness of the overhauled market can be enhanced by providing patrons with a more pleasant shopping environment and facilitating tenants to do business.

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Lantau Development Advisory Committee visited Lantau Island

On 24 Sep, I visited Lantau Island together with other Lantau Development Advisory Committee members. We visited mountain bike trails network in South Lantau which includes a new mountain bike training ground of about 4.5 hectares, as well as one of the largest training grounds in the Asian region. I also visited Shui Hau Wan, which consists of various coastal habitats, also a home to more than 560 terrestrial and marine species. We learnt that the Sustainable Lantau Office cooperated with WWF-Hong Kong through on-site participation and educational activities to let the public understand the unique ecological environment of Shui Hau Wan.

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