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Proud to be Engineers

On 24 August 2022, with the advent of the Severe Tropical Storm Ma-on, the Institution successfully staged the 47th Annual General Meeting (AGM) with the installation of Ir Aaron K M Bok as our new President for the Session 2022/2023. Despite Storm Signal No. 8 being hoisted, more than 120 members witnessed the installation ceremony, which accorded entirely with the aspiration of our President, Proud to be Engineers.


Under the leadership of President Ir Bok, we stride into a new Session which is also the second year in the five-year “Time to Change” Roadmap inaugurated by the Immediate Past President Ir Edwin K F Chung. The theme chosen by President Ir Bok for this Session is “Commitment to Change – Boosting Professionalism: We are proud to be Engineers”. What we will strive to achieve is a major uplift of the professional image of engineers, something our members well deserve with the contributions they have been making for the betterment of the Hong Kong society. Under the theme, there will be major initiatives for enhancing public image and awareness; launching outreach programmes to nurture future engineers; boosting external corporate communications; and identifying suitable opportunities for issuing high impact and influential reports. Readers will have a glimpse of the President’s visions by browsing the cover story of this issue.


In the meantime, progress at various fronts is steadfastly being made in tandem with the new initiatives of this Session. Readers will recall that, earlier this year, the social distancing measures occasioned by COVID-19 had necessitated certain amendments to our Constitution that will allow for virtual meetings and electronic voting in exceptional circumstances. At the Special General Meeting held on 24 August 2022, resolutions approving the proposed amendments were passed. This is a promising first step in seeking members’ unified support to our attempt of rejuvenating the Institution including the customs enshrined in its Constitution. Readers can expect that there will be more to come along our path of providing better services to members and reviewing our corporate governance.


Work on digitalisation has also reached an important milestone with a service provider being engaged soon to kick start the major project on revamping our membership database, procuring an event management app and systems for facilitating e-membership applications. Moreover, our website represents the gateway to discerning the professional image of the Institution. It also enables members and the public to get hold of various information about the Institution and the engineering profession. Members should also expect value in accessing the Member Login Area. It is the plan to commence undertaking an overhaul to the website and along this pathway we wish to learn your ideas for improvement. Your opinions will be collected very soon.


Certainly, there will be a lot going on in this Session when we are pursuing vigorously various advances in the Time to Change Roadmap. Readers may wish to stay tuned for the announcement of more details in the forthcoming Presidential Address.


The 47th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 47th AGM was successfully held on 24 August 2022 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). More than 530 members cast their votes at the voting centres in the HKCEC. The results of the election are available on the HKIE website at We welcome the new Council Members to the new Session.


Our newly installed President, Ir Aaron K M Bok, revealed in his speech at the AGM that the theme for the Session will be “Commitment to Change – Boosting Professionalism: WE ARE PROUD TO BE ENGINEERS”. Members are invited to join us at the Presidential Address/Dinner tentatively scheduled for October, when the President will unveil details of his plan for the year ahead. Please stay tuned for the latest information about the event on our website.


Special General Meeting (SGM)

A SGM was convened on 24 August 2022 to consider proposals to amend the Constitution to take effect after the close of the 47th Annual General Meeting. The motion on the adoption of virtual meeting and electronic voting for Council Meetings, General Meetings and election voting as and when situation demands and another motion related to the means of attendance at, participation in and voting at regular meetings of Divisions and Committees were carried.


Launch of online application for Student Membership

Following the spirit of the Institution’s initiative of digitalisation, starting from 1 September 2022, an online application system for HKIE Student Membership with a streamlined process has been launched. Student applicants do not need to provide a copy of their student identity card or transcript in their applications, nor get the signatures of the supporter in the paper application form. The HKIE Secretariat will contact the supporter direct to verify the applications. Applications in paper form will not be accepted with a view to protecting the environment.


The Yan Chai STEM FAIRE 2022

The HKIE was invited to participate in the Yan Chai STEM FAIRE 2022, a flagship event of the Yan Chai Hospital Board jointly organised by 20 primary schools and secondary schools. The event, held on 23 July 2022, aimed to promote STEM education and nurture students to gain more understanding about the engineering industry. With the support of the Young Members Committee, the HKIE hosted a booth to introduce the Institution to the public and engage them with fun STEM activities. Details of the event are reported in this issue.


International Conference on “Adopting Dispute Resolution Mechanism for the Construction Industry in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area”

The Construction Dispute Resolution Committee (CDRC) organised an international conference entitled “Adopting Dispute Resolution Mechanism for the Construction Industry in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area”on 16 August 2022 at the HKCEC. Renowned experts from Hong Kong, China and overseas were invited to explore the practices, adoption and the latest trends of dispute resolution mechanism and construction arbitration. The hybrid conference attracted more than 100 participants attending physically and 220 participants attending online. Details of the event will be reported in the next issue of the Hong Kong Engineer.


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