Voluntary Scheme in enhancing control of plumbing works

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To modernise the regulatory regime of the plumbing trade and help improve drinking water safety, the Water Supplies Department (WSD) has holistically reviewed the legislation and, amongst other things, proposes establishing a system of Registered Plumbing Contractor (RPC) to undertake prescribed plumbing works.


To facilitate trade adaption and materialise its benefits early, WSD has in advance implemented the RPC system administratively with a two-stage voluntary scheme. Stage 1 involves voluntary registration of RPC (Provisional), whereby a plumbing contractor appoints suitable experienced and qualified personnel as “Authorized Representative” and “Designated Director”. Over 400 applications have been received since its implementation on 1 September 2021. Stage 2, implemented on 1 August 2022, enhances control of large scale plumbing works, for example residential development with more than 400 flats. Project proponents joining Stage 2 should appoint an RPC (Provisional), who should provide a site supervision team (SST) led by a well-experienced staff member to supervise the plumbing works. This not only strengthens the quality control, but also promotes the professionalism of the plumbing trade. WSD will soon dish out pilot projects requiring the employment of RPC (Provisional) and contractors are encouraged to register as an RPC (Provisional) early. Details of the Voluntary Scheme can be found at: www.wsd.gov.hk/en/plumbing-engineering/requirementsfor-plumbing-installation/wsd-circular-letters.


This article is contributed by the Water Supplies Department of the HKSAR Government.

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