Celebrating Engineering Excellence at Hong Kong Engineers Week 2024

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Following the successful event in the past Session, Hong Kong Engineers Week (HKEW) came to its second edition this year along the theme “Be the Change ‧ 不一樣”. The flagship event aimed to elevate the image of the HKIE, showcase the prominence of the engineering profession, and highlight the transformative contributions of engineers to the public and key stakeholders in Hong Kong’s engineering industry.


Although it was called a “Week”, the lineup of events and activities indeed spanned across the past five months, not to mention the planning of the event that started nearly a year ago. The Organising Committee’s dedicated effort was supported by generous sponsors, supporting organisations, and helpers who share the same aspiration to ignite students’ passion for engineering, facilitating invaluable exchanges, and fostering meaningful connections beyond the engineering community.


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The HKIE Grand Award


The HKIE Grand Award, as a high form of recognition in the local engineering community, remains a symbol of excellence that acknowledges outstanding accomplishments that have significantly influenced Hong Kong’s engineering landscape. In this second edition, the HKIE Grand Award continued to embody the essence of innovation, industrial progress, and infrastructure development, while also celebrating the diverse contributions made by engineers. This award provided a platform for individuals and teams to demonstrate their capacity to challenge limits, discover innovative solutions, and propel advancements in their respective domains, thus paving the path for future progress. This year, a remarkable number of 40+ entries were received, showcasing the remarkable interest and participation in the HKIE Grand Award.


Presentation of the Award was made at the HKIE Annual Dinner on 15 March 2024. Over 900 guests witnessed and shared the joyous moment.


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Winners of the Grand Prizes


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Winners of Certificates of Merit



The details of the awarded entries will be introduced in the Feature Stories of the next issue.


Hong Kong Engineers Week Carnival


The HKEW Carnival, one of the most anticipated events of the HKEW, was held at West Kowloon harbourside lawn on 1 – 3 March. The open-to-public carnival showcased an impressive array of more than 45 booths and games, jointly presented by the HKIE, industry partners, and sponsors. These interactive exhibits aimed to disseminate engineering knowledge and highlight technological breakthroughs to the public. The carnival also served as a platform for hosting different competitions and captivating performances, further enriching the overall experience for visitors. The primary objective of the carnival was to foster a heightened interest in and understanding of the engineering profession among the public.


At the Opening Ceremony held on the first day was officiated by Ms Bernadette Linn Hon Ho, JP, The Secretary for Development; Mr Ye Shuiqiu, the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Educational, Scientific and Technological Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (LOCPG); and Ir Ricky Lau Chun Kit, JP the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) were accompanied by Ir Dr Barry Lee Chi Hong, the HKIE President; Ir Bok Kwok Ming Aaron, the HKIE Immediate Past President; Ir Eric Ma Siu Cheung, JP, the HKIE Senior Vice President; and Ir Prof Alfred Sit Wing Hang, JP, the HKIE Chief Executive and Secretary.


Ms Linn highlighted the shared goals between the Development Bureau and the HKIE, “This year, the diversified themes of the ‘Hong Kong Engineers Week’ include enhancing cooperation among members of the industry, attracting young talents, striving for innovation, as well as emphasising participation and contribution in national development, which are also our goals.”


In addition to guest and media tours, specific school tours were arranged to present an exceptional opportunity for students to explore the wonders of engineers and gain valuable insights into various engineering disciplines.


The three-day event attracted over 46,000 visitors and left a lasting impact on both the engineering community and the broader public.


At the Closing Ceremony, appreciation certificates were presented to our generous sponsors. Without the unwavering support and contributions of all sponsors, Hong Kong Engineers Week 2024 would not have been possible. President Ir Dr Lee said “The HKIE will continue to collaborate with stakeholders to promote engineering profession and attract more young talents to join this meaningful work, together making contributions to the development of Hong Kong.”


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The Carnival was kicked off by Ms Bernedette Linn Hon-ho, Secretary for Development of the HKSAR (3rd right); Mr Ye Shuiqiu, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Educational, Scientific and Technological Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (3rd left); Ir Ricky Lau Chun-kit, JP, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) of the HKSAR (2nd left), and accompanied by Ir Dr Barry Lee Chi-hong, HKIE President (middle); Ir Aaron Bok Kwok-ming, HKIE Immediate Past President (2nd right); Ir Eric Ma Siu-cheung, JP, HKIE Senior Vice President (1st left); and Ir Prof Alfred Sit Wing-hang, JP, HKIE Chief Executive and Secretary (1st right)


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Over a hundred guests gathered at the opening ceremony and take pictures with the officiating guests


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President Ir Dr Barry Lee Chi-hong, Executives, Past President, Chief Executive and Secretary, Director and other guests at the Carnival


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Student teams of “Our Dream City” Primary Student Design Contest introduced their works and shared their creative concepts and the engineering techniques applied in their “dream cities” with the guests


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The Carnival attracted a great number of visitors


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HKIE President Ir Dr Barry Lee Chi-hong giving an opening speech


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Families learning about new technological and engineering breakthroughs


Engineer Alliance


Engineer Alliance was a competition set out to reshape public perceptions of the engineering profession, aligning with the dynamic talents of the upcoming generation. A group of 10 shortlisted young engineers showcased their unwavering dedication to excellence and embodied the core values of the HKIE. Engaging in thrilling rounds of tasks and challenges, these young engineers demonstrated their vision for the future and their unique perspectives on innovation and collaboration. Through various social media platforms, they conveyed the true essence of engineering.


During the carnival, five finalists competed on the stage of Engineer Alliance through a quiz competition and making individual speeches. Ir Eva Lee was selected as the Captain, and Mr Anthony Chan and Miss Miro Chan as Vice-captains.


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(L to R, front) Jury of the Engineer Alliance: Co-Chairman of the Career Fairs Organising Committee, Ir Tony Za; Chairman of Hong Kong Engineers Week 2024 Carnival cum Engineer Alliance Organising Committee Ir William W L Luk; HKIE Vice President Ir Alice K T Chow; and Chairman of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Tertiary Institution Innovation Project Invitational Competition Organising Committee Ir Prof Louis Lock; (Back) HKIE President Ir Dr Barry Lee


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Ir Eva Lee Ho-yan awarded the Captain title of the Engineer Alliance


Self Photos / Files - EA3

Mr Anthony Chan Chun-yip appointed as Vice-captain


Self Photos / Files - EA4

Miss Miro Chan Sum-chau appointed as Vice-captain


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Miss Jessy Ng Cheuk-sze (L) and Mr Hansel Kwok Ho-yin (R) receiving an ally certificate from Ir Tony Za, Co-Chairman of the Career Fairs Organising Committee


Self Photos / Files - EA6The five finalists of the Engineer Alliance actively engaged in a battle of wits in the Quiz Competition


“Our Future Engineers” Secondary Student Quiz Contest


The contest was designed for secondary school students to provide them with the opportunity to interact with practicing engineers – also their alumni – and prepare for the quiz competition. Students were inspired to take an interest in engineering.


The group quiz competition focused on engineering-related knowledge and science. Twelve teams competed in the first round carried out in late February, and three teams entered the final round taken place at the carnival. The final was extremely breathtaking with students demonstrating their best performance. The Champion was Shun Tak Fraternal Association Leung Kau Kui College, whereas Immaculate Heart of Mary College and Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College were the first and second runners-up respectively.


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Expert adviser team formed by five young engineers, providing professional guidance and advice to the contesting teams


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Champion: Shun Tak Fraternal Association Leung Kau Kui College


Self Photos / Files - ss3

First runner-up: Immaculate Heart of Mary College 


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Second runner-up: Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College



“Our Dream City” Primary Student Design Contest


The contest aimed at stimulating students’ creativity and cultivate a spirit of teamwork, enhancing their interest in urban construction and engineering knowledge, and highlight the importance of sustainable social development.


As part of the prelude to the contest, a briefing session was held in November 2023 at Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School with students and teachers from ten primary schools participating. In December 2023, students were guided to Arup to experience engineers’ actual working environment in an international consultancy firm, and took part in workshops to understand the important role of engineers towards sustainability.


Teams of P4 to P6 students were guided by engineering mentors and collaborated in designing and building models of their “Dream City”. Ten selected models were exhibited at the three-day carnival, allowing the public to learn about their concepts and creativity. Online public voting was also conducted over those few days for public to choose their favourite model. The teams also had the chance to publicly discuss their ideas on stage, giving them an experience of public speaking and presentation.


After three days of public voting and final judging, Precious Blood Primary School, St. Francis of Assisi's Caritas School (Team 2), and Chai Wan Kok Catholic Primary School (Team 1) were crowned as the champion, first runner-up, and second runner-up, respectively.


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(L to R) HKIE Senior Vice President Ir Eric Ma Siu-cheung; Deputy Secretary for Environment and Ecology of the Environment and Ecology Bureau Mr Wong Chuen-fai, JP; HKIE President Ir Dr Barry Lee Chi-hong; Senior Curriculum Development Office (Science) of the Education Bureau Dr Cheng Siu-lin, Sophia; and HKIE Chief Executive and Secretary Ir Prof Alfred Sit Wing-hang


Self Photos / Files - ps2

Champion: Precious Blood Primary School


Self Photos / Files - ps3

First runner-up: St. Francis of Assisi’s Caritas School (Team 2) 

Self Photos / Files - ps4

Second runner-up: Chai Wan Kok Catholic Primary School (Team 1)


Self Photos / Files - ps5

The briefing session at Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School


Self Photos / Files - ps6

Models built by students being exhibited at the HKEW Carnival


Self Photos / Files - ps7

Students participating in workshops at Arup to learn about what engineers’ do


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Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Tertiary Institution Innovation Project Invitational Competition


Aiming to foster stronger collaboration, facilitate knowledge exchange, and promote a deeper sense of cooperation, the HKIE invited engineering students from higher education institutions across the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to collaborate, forming ten cross-regional teams to participate in the competition. The competition took place at the Beach Volleyball Court of South China Athletic Association on 9 March 2024.


Before the competition, the teams collaborated in programming and assembling remote-controlled cars and robotic arms, as well as constructing bridges. During the final competition, they were tasked with constructing sandcastles on-site. Within a specified time frame, they had to utilise their self-designed cars to transport and position flags onto the sandcastles. This challenge required a combination of precision, coordination, and strategic maneuvering to successfully complete the task within the given time constraints.


Gracing the occasion as the Guest of Honour, Ir Ricky Lau Chun Kit, JP, Permanent Secretary for Developments (Works), said, “I am delighted to see many young talents here today. I look forward to more exchanges and interactions among tertiary students in the GBA, who play a bridging role in the collaboration of the two sides, facilitating the development of Hong Kong, serving the GBA and contributing to the betterment of our nation.”


Winners of the competition were:


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A group photo of guests and the participating teams


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The panel of judges of the competition (L to R): Mr FONG Kai-shing; Mr Wong Ka-fai, Eddie; Ir Prof Louis Lock; Ir Dr Barry Lee Chi-hong; Ir Vincent Chow Hau-keung, JP; Ms Tso Mei-shan; and Ir Kan Jun


Self Photos / Files - ta7

Group photo: Ir Ricky Lau Chun kit, JP, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) (Middle), Ir Pang Yiu Hung, JP, Director of Electrical & Mechanical Services/Gen Mgr, EMSTF, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department (2nd left), Ir Dr Barry Lee Chi Hong, President of the HKIE (3rd left), Ir Prof Louis Lock Fat Shing, Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Greater Bay Area Innovation Competition (3rd right), Ir Prof C C Chan, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering & Fellow, Royal Academy of Engineering U.K. (2nd right), Dr George Lau, Principal of Youth College (Kwai Chung, Pokfulam) and Deputy Academic Director (Engineering), Vocational Training Council (1st left), and Ir Prof Alfred Sit Wing Hang, Chief Executive and Secretary of the HKIE (1st right)


Self Photos / Files - ta8

Overall Champion: The Hong Kong Metropolitan University and Shenzhen Institute of Technology Joint Team


Self Photos / Files - ta9


Self Photos / Files - ta10

Remarkable achievements by the engineering talents from Hong Kong, and the Mainland



Career Fair


In order to provide support to tertiary students pursuing engineering studies and assist them in their career paths, a series of career fairs were organised at seven tertiary institutions throughout February and March 2024. Designed to facilitate the matching of students and potential career opportunities, and offer students valuable guidance and advice, these expos were participated by approximately 60 companies, ensuring a diverse range of options and opportunities for students to explore and engage with potential employers.


Self Photos / Files - ca3

Ir Aaron Bok, Immediate Past President, speaking at City University of Hong Kong 


Self Photos / Files - ca1

Ir Tony Za, Co-Chairman of the Career Fairs Organising Committee (middle); Dr Daniel Yan, Academic Director of VTC Engineering Discipline, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education & Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (R); and Ir Timothy K F Chan, representative from THEi (L)


Self Photos / Files - ca2

Ir Keith Yue, Co-Chairman of the Career Fairs Organising Committee (4th left) and other guests at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Self Photos / Files - ca4

Ir Eva Lee speaking at City University of Hong Kong


Self Photos / Files - ca5


Self Photos / Files - ca6


Sharings from our contestants are available on the HKEW 2024 website, and the commemorative booklet for HKEW 2024 can be downloaded here.



Celebrating unity and engineering excellence: A recap of the UK Chapter's Chinese New Year Lunch 2024
By Ir Ken KWOK

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The UK Chapter recently hosted a vibrant and culturally enriching Chinese New Year Lunch 2024 to welcome the Year of the Dragon. Held on Saturday, 24 February 2024, at the Dragon Castle Chinese Restaurant in London, the event was a resounding success, bringing together esteemed guests, members and friends for an afternoon of celebration and camaraderie.


The festivities commenced with guests arriving early to engage in warm greetings and networking opportunities. Chairman of the UK Chapter, Ir Dr Michael Wan, initiated the event with a heartfelt welcome speech, extending warm wishes for prosperity and success to all attendees. His traditional “Kung Hei Fat Choi” resonated throughout the venue, fostering an atmosphere of joy and unity.


The gathering boasted a remarkable turnout, with familiar faces mingling with newcomers and distinguished VIPs from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) in London and the Heritage Walk Organiser. As the event unfolded, guests were treated to a delectable spread of Dim Sum and authentic Chinese cuisine, further enhancing the festive ambiance.


Adding an element of fun and intellectual stimulation, our Honorary Secretary Ir Harry Lee compered a Pub Quiz comprising 20 questions spanning various topics and difficulties, including Lunar New Year traditions, infrastructure in Hong Kong and the UK, and about the HKIE. Utilising an interactive app, participants enthusiastically embraced the challenge, competing with their knowledge and engaging in friendly competition.


Undoubtedly, the highlight of the event was the Raffle Draw. With ten coveted prizes up for grabs, the excitement was palpable as fortunate winners emerged, some graciously opting to pay it forward by donating their prizes to fellow attendees. This gesture exemplified the spirit of generosity and community fostered within the UK Chapter.


As the event drew to a close, a feedback survey was conducted, yielding encouraging responses and affirming the success of the Chinese New Year Lunch 2024. Attendees expressed appreciation for the event's seamless organisation, diverse programme, and opportunities for meaningful interaction.


The Chinese New Year Lunch 2024 organised by the UK Chapter served as a testament to our commitment to fostering professional excellence, cultural exchange, and camaraderie within the engineering community. Through spirited celebrations and engaging activities, the event reinforced long-term friendship and inspired continued collaboration. Looking ahead, the UK Chapter remains dedicated to orchestrating initiatives that unite and serve the members of the HKIE in the UK.


Self Photos / Files - uk1

Hong Kong engineers and friends of different generations gathered at the Chinese New Year Lunch in London


Self Photos / Files - uk2

On-spot feedback polling results – so rewarding for the Organising Committee


Webinar on innovation technologies in urban transportation
By Daniel LO

If you choose to listen to this article, you are welcome to download the PDF version of the Journal (April 2024 issue) and activate the "Read Out Loud" function in Adobe Reader. For more details, please read the user's note.


The event was co-organised by the Continuing Professional Development Committee (CPDC) of the HKIE, the Guangdong Institution of Engineers (GDIE), and the Macau Institution of Engineers (AEM), with the generous support of the Guangxi Institution of Engineers (GXIE). The webinar took place on 24 February 2024 and saw the active registration over 1,400 members from Guangzhou, Macau, and Hong Kong.


The distinguished speakers included Ir Kong, Assistant General Manager of The Hong Kong & China Gas Co Ltd, representing the HKIE; Prof Weihua Li, Dean of the College of Engineering (School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering) at the South China University of Technology, representing GDIE; and Dr Lam Chi-Seng, Associate Professor (State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed Signal VLSI & Institute of Microelectronics and also with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) at the University of Macau, representing AEM.


During the seminar, Ir Kong started with Hong Kong’s experience in the application of hydrogen energy development. He explained the current development strategy in hydrogen production, transportation, and application, while also addressing the challenges and future prospects of this technology.


Following that, Prof Li delved into the definition and classification of intelligent connected cars, exploring the key technologies and components involved. He provided an in-depth analysis of the current development status and core component industries in this field with comparison of two prominent technical approaches to the development of intelligent connected cars.


Dr Lam subsequently discussed the development of electric vehicles (EVs) in Macau, encompassing the historical background of EVs and the policies implemented by the Macau SAR Government to promote their widespread adoption. He also highlighted the wireless charging technology pioneered by the University of Macau.


Each presentation was succeeded by a question-andanswer session, during which Ir Kong, Prof Li, and Dr Lam further elaborated on the safety concerns and challenges associated with these innovative technologies in the Greater Bay Area.


The CPDC extends its sincere gratitude to GDIE, GXIE, AEM, and all the esteemed guests for their invaluable contributions and fruitful insights throughout the seminar.


Self Photos / Files - cd

The Hong Kong Speaker, Ir Sammy Kong (middle) with CPDC Organising Committee Members

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